What happened to these arborvitae?

Discussion in 'Fertilizers, Pesticides and Diseases' started by alldayrj, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Landscape Poet

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    I am going to guess mites too. The brown spots starting to show on the the ones on the ends here and there would make me guess they are now on the "good ones". Just picked up a account with about 10 Italian Cypress that are so infested with mites the base of the plants are brown and very thin and weak.
  2. Smallaxe

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    Around here we have a lot of cedar (white cedar) and that is of genus thuja... I noticed on Wikipedia that many other cedars are of the genus juniperus while cypress in general has Callitropsis ...

    I guess the major genera are, Juniper, arborvitae and the true cypress, Cupressus... So I suppose that my white cedar and your hinocki cypress could both be called cedars, in my neck of the woods...

    I've always been meaning to look up those terms, because it seems at times they are used interchangeably from different parts of the country... If I'm not mistaken it was the white cedar that was common in our 'Cedar Swamps' years ago, just like our Tamarack Swamps before they started to fill in and die off... :)
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    Bag worms get alot of them around here.
  4. Smallaxe

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    Spider mites can easily be feeding on these arbs,,, but I would always check the soil for drought when plants turn brown... the sun is particularily hard on thuja... :)
  5. New2TheGreenIndustry

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    So what ended up happening? From what I see the problem looks abiotic considering the symptoms are uniform.
  6. Landrus2

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    Dam those 3 are gone don't waste time watering them.
    It looks mistakes we're made right after planting. Most the times is lack of water right after planting
    I put soaker hoses on all new planting if you waiting for customer to water yea he she will say sprinkler was on:nono:
  7. alldayrj

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    He paid me to replace them. He put soakers and removed that lava rock and put mulch.
    Havent heard from him since so i guess it was fine.
    It was brutally hot for a few weeks after i planted the first set and he was relying on the lawn sprinklers for water
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