What happens to the new Guys?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tfilbert, Jan 29, 2005.

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    This question was posed just awhile back and I for one would like to offer an answer. I have seen through my own eyes the great expectations and yes big $$$ signs. I also came in with no false sense of security or lack of desire for hard work. I researched the information a very long time, 1 year, before I made the decision to go with lawn care. I really love the work and yes I like the sweat dripping off me and that cold drink of water or having the wife show up at job site with my lunch. I don't stop for lunch many days. I like getting up at 5:00 am to load equipment and be out the drive at 7:00 to 7:30 and not home again until 8:00pm or dark. I like dealing with the residential customers best because they really appreciate my quality of work and praise me for it. I love to hear someone say: You do my friends lawn and I just love how it looks would you give me a price to do mine? I don't care about the weather forecast unless it's lighting or tornado. I can work through about anything. I haven't had to deal with drought or floods yet but will cross that bridge when I get there.
    I have read this web sight for about two years now and admit I don't often post. I have taken some cheap shots from others for having my own mind and that's OK. I have read and laughed at some of the crazy answers some of you come up with. I have often wondered when you work based on the large number of posts you provide. But hey maybe you don't sleep. Some of the advise is down right bad and leading others in the wrong directions and to some extent I understand. No, I won't post examples to make others feel bad. I won't share some of the important lessons I have learned, no thanks to some of you here. I learned it the hard way and have no desire to share with the competition. I don't wish anyone bad luck and really only the best but I will be watching the paper for the like new equipment up for sale this fall. Someone asked why people stop coming here. Maybe like me they just don't have the time they would like. No one has chased anyone worth their salt away from this site. (Bobby ain't so bad, just has own way of saying things)
    Only advise I would offer the new is this. Do your homework and use the search option. NO ONE will give you anything. Other LCO's would rather you fail, if you are in their area. We all start as a Scrub in one form or another. You can have all the insurance, business name, equipment, whatever and be a scrub. Lowballing is something we all had to do at one time or another. I promise someone here will say. (I never lowballed). Liar!
    We all have and I will when I think it's in my own best interest. Ever offer the mowing almost for free at a commercial property to get the rest of the account? I have and will again. I will beat your price if I can and try to get it back in another area. We do what we have to. Best kept secret and yet it's so out in the open. Advertise, paper, flyers, spend the money, get in the yellow pages. Read that last sentence again, I know just shot myself in foot.
    Yup I will be there this year when the new book comes out. Should have done it last year. Spend the money on uniforms or at least wear the same thing every day. Look like a pro. Keep your trucks and trailers clean. Carry a clean shirt in the truck to meet a new customer. Change in their drive if you have to but do it. They will be more impressed than you might think.
    Watch your mouth. I have gotten jobs because of what they don't hear me or others who work for me say. One of my guys dropped the trailer gate on my leg. I didn't cuss but he probably did at the end of the week when I let him go. No not just for that! I'm not very big yet, do most of it by myself and hire help when I need it. Before some nosy lame brain asks, yes I have a business plan and yes I'm on plan. I have the background and education to make this work but a little luck won't hurt. I have a job for the winter and I hope this is the last winter I have to work for someone else.
    Bottom line I love the work I do, I love most of the people I meet and the money I have made.
    I will continue to read here when I can and post when I feel the need and wish others the best. If you see me I will offer what help I can. I care about others just won't help you put me out of business. Work hard and be honest in your dealings with others and the rest will fall into place.
    Tim Filbert
    Louisville, KY
  2. mownredneck

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    Git R Dun!!!!!!!!!
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Good luck Tim, I hope you do well at it! Some will succeed at lawn care, and many will fail. My only problem is my location but I still have a positive attitude even though it takes a beating some days.
  4. proenterprises

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    best of luck to you!
  5. Lux Lawn

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    Good luck to you,sounds like your plan is working out all ready.
  6. gogetter

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    Not really sure what the point of the post was.

    Basically what I got out of it was, you've come here to read for 2 years and glean information, yet say that you won't contribute much because you're afraid of the competition.

    Thanks for sharing.
  7. Ky. Jones

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    True....Very True. Good Luck in "The VILLE"
  8. newbomb

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    I have to agree with gogetter. I'm a little unclear on your point.

    I think what happens to new guys is:

    1 They don't realize behind all the glamour is a lot of hard work and sometimes it's hot too.

    2 They don't realize it can be expensive to maintain a business and be competitive.

    3 They started for a half assed reason. " You might know what your running from but you "must" know what your running to.".

    4 They don't know that you have to be a business person too. Keep records, advertise, talk to people.

    5 They don't know you can't work cheap.

    The ones who know these things can do alright, the ones who don't, parish. Easy.

    P.S. A few figure it out and are successful too.

  9. yamadooski

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    Here is what I got out of it and Ive been doing this for 14 years.
    Basically hes not afraid to 'lowball'.
    Honestly if he was in my area and lowballed me, I would go put him out of business.
    But good luck in your adventure.
  10. KINGjosh

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    I am curiuos as to how you would put him out of bussiness.

    I didnt really understand his post either but it sounds like hr likes what he is doing and he will lowball anybody to get the job, and he likes to do things for free if it will get him other work.
    Good luck.

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