What happens when a hydro hose blows?

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    He man , we had a horror story on a Dixie Chiopper last week . One of our very experienced operators was on a hill when a hydro return hose blew off the fitting on the wheel motor . He lost all contol down the hill , flew off a rock embankment and was ejected from the seat . Luckily he was unhurt . Now They use two cheap snap on hose clamps instead of worm gear clamps .
    Now we want these machines gone ,my questions for Hustler are

    1. What happens if a hustler super z breaks a hydro pump belt on a hill ?

    2. What happens if a Hustler super z blows a hydro hose on a hill ?

    3. Tell me how the machine can be instantly stopped .
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    In both situations the machine would freewheel to a extent, it depends on how steep the hill is.
    The parking brake system on a Hustler with its drum brakes and shoes (just like a car) will stop the unit from moving in 99% of the cases, again it depends on how steep the hill is and how much momentum the mower has when something may happen.
    Our brake system is engaged with the drive levers, simply by putting them in the out position will apply the brakes and the unit will be in park.
    Sorry to hear about your experience with the Chopper, even the best operators can have a bad day.


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