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What have we learned ?


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Ok it's time for us to look back over the last year here, and see what we learned on this site. Looking back over the pages that we have written, I see lots of ? on hardscapes and equipment, but few on plants. Seems we are toy collectors :). Anyway just wondering if what we post here has helped anyone?

You new people please post to the Who, What ,Where section that way we can help answer questions that you have.


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I myself have learned plenty from this forum, it is a nice feeling to know that if I have a problem that I can't figure out or if there is something I need input on , I can simply log-on to lawn-site and get some help.


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No.VA, zone 7
WOW! It would be hard to put it all in one post. I've learned so much about improving work methods for installing hardscapes and so much about the equipment needed to be efficient. I've come to appreciate the varied viewpoints of our members with their equally varied areas of experience and expertise.


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I have learned that I am not the only company that has a hard time finding good employees. Also I have learned how valuable the ones I do have are. Nice to get on here and see posts on things I am going through or have gone through. Also nice to get different points of view.
I have really just started using the Landscaping forum. I have read many posts on the Commercial Lawn Care and have just tapped the resources here recently. I received good feedback on my Irrigation question and read several interesting posts on Sod installation.. This is great and I plan on using it more in the future.



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southern ontario
I've only posted a few times on the landscaping forum, I'm usually on the lawn care and snow forum. But I read the posts in the landscaping section with interest.

My partner and I have been in business for 10 years now in the maintenance part of the field, and we're hoping to gradually move more and more into landscaping. Our background in maintenance helps us understand the functionality of a landscape that will have to be maintained by either the homeowner, or a company such as ours, after it's put in. A surprising number of contractors/designers/architects don't seem to have any concept of this fact.

Anyhow to answer your post, I find the landscaping forum to be THE most beneficial of the forums at Lawnsite. Next in line would be the snowplowing forum.



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Discovering this forum was agreat help and relief. you really can't call up the competition and ask them how they do things! So many of us seem to experience the same problems, same projects, same questions. Hardscaping is our forte', and there have been many threads on pavers and retaining walls that have been especially helpful. As for toy collecting, isn't that supposed to be the fun part of this business? My favorite post was on the many extras or non-landscaping tasks that customers will ask you to do. I think this forum is great and the reason is the input and wisdom of its contributors.