What have you found buried in the lawn so far?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Up North, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Green-Pro

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    Finally took images off my camera, heres one of what I affectionately call a crap hole that I cut for a Credit Union, in the pic is the first time it had been cut. They called me because the city was getting complaints from the neighbors, duh!! go figure


    crap hole.jpg
  2. Up North

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    Hey Geoff, I cut one like that yesterday. A guy had moved out of a rental and called me to mow because the landlord wouldn't give him his deposit back until the lawn was mowed. Lots of fun huh?? :D Hope all went well and you didn't send anything "off into the wild blue yonder".

  3. Green-Pro

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    Piled up all the crappola in the middle of the back yard (thats where all the rest of the trash was anyway), and mowed away. Nothing into the wild blue yonder but did have to get kid working for me to help get the TT unstuck from a crater that rings one of the clothesline poles :realmad: However they paid well for the first cut and now that I've got it tamed its a quick easy yard to bang out each week payup

  4. Lux Lawn

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    LOL Man you got me good on that one.
  5. Ax Man

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    I was escavating for a retaining wall and found a playground ball about 30 inches under...
    Hit plenty of deer bones (bad dog) with the mower
    the worst, a casket handle. bad woodchuck!
  6. The Grass Amputator

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    One of the things I really enjoy while mowing is watching the birds swoop down to grab the flying insects. So, I didn't think anything of it when I saw some birds running on the ground beside my mower, though I did find it a bit odd that they seemed to be trying to get my attention. One even feigned a wing injury in an attempt to get me to go after it.

    Little did I know that they had built a nest on the surface of the ground, and I'd already mowed over it. I saw 3 little critters scurrying around trying to find mama. I'm almost certain that I murdered some of their siblings. And, well, I felt lower than whale dung at that point. I stopped the mower, caught the baby birds, and deposited them onto ground I'd already mowed. I hope they were able to locate their parents. (This happened at a commercial contract, which happens to be a 27 acre middle school campus.)

    Probably the strangest object I have hit while mowing was a set of posthole diggers with fiberglass handles. I was operating a tractor, rather than a mower, and knew immediately that I'd struck paydirt. The damage, thankfully, was minimal to nonexistent to the mowing deck. The diggers, however, were fatally injured.

  7. Lawnaholic

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    Well follow/fellowette lawnsiters, I haven't posted on here very much but I had to engage on this thread. Last year, my son and I were doing a first time cut on this one residential(keep in mind, this is a residential which makes it even more amazing that he got away with the shape of his lawn w/out the city citing him???). I go up to the door and ask the gentleman if he'd be interested in some lawncare. He ask for my rate and I tell him what it is for a standard sized lawn and he then says, "what if it's just my front lawn that I want mowed", so I tell him what that'll cost and he agrees. We start on the front and in the middle of the mow, he stops and says, "go ahead and do the back yard while you're already here". He then explains that it is kind of tall and that he mowed about a quarter of the yard and only needs me to do the other 3/4 that is left and I agree. My son was just finishing mowing the median/sidewalk part of the yard so I tell him just to go ahead and start on the back yard and I'll mow the main part of the front yard. I send my son to the back and not even two minutes later he returns and says, "Dad, you gotta come see this"!!! I tell him I'll be back in a minute when I finish up. He insist, "Dad, you won't believe this", so I'm like, "Ok, let me see what it is you want me to see so bad". I go into the gate and I'm like, "WFT"! This guys yard is literally like a JUNGLE!!! It's so tall that I have to string trim it first before we can even mow it. And I'm talking about trimming it from top to bottom in 8 inch increments, not just a regular trimming because it was so big that it would bog my trimmer down to a complete stop. Anyhow, to get to the best part of the story, towards the back corner of the yard, once we finally made it there, I start to trim away as I had been doing for the last 45 minutes(LOL!)and as I start trimming more and more away, low and behold, there's stands a freakin'(believe me, I wanted to use the four letter word here!) bar-b-q grill that was buried in this guy's back yard!!!!????!!!!??? So you ask what I've found while mowing? ...That's what I've come across......
  8. Charles

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    They would have to had been a very good customer for me to touch that lawn lol. Wear out your equipment fast on many messes like that
  9. jbell113

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    Mowing yesterday and found a 6 ft ceiling lamp in the yard. Picked it up and sat it next to the mail box.

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