What have you found in logs?

Discussion in 'Portable Sawmills' started by Guest, Oct 17, 2012.

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    Years ago in an old circle saw mill I worked in we found the tip of a pole saw blade in a white pine knot. Guess someone was limbing the trees up for better value and broke his blade off. Luckily it didnt mess things up much.

    With a saw Ive found tons of concrete, RR spikes, and my favorite was an old time hinge for a gate. That was fun getting out. I am yet to find a horse shoe burried completely in a tree.
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    A few weeks ago at a cutting demonstration with my portable sawmill, I managed to slice a bullet cleanly in half. Some of the urban lumber I've cut had so many nails in it, they probably had more value in scrap metal than in lumber! Even woods trees have deer stands (and steps leading up to them) nailed into trees. Some of the other things I've cut into have been an ax head and a walnut tree that was hollow and had been filled with cement! Here is a photo of a walnut log that had fence wire in it. I used a bi-metal blade, which is designed for cutting wood with nails. The grain and color of the wood was beautiful!



    I've heard of people finding wrenches, bicycle parts, and even a civil war era rifle barrel embedded in trees. I'm curious as to what others have found in logs, either with a chain saw or on the sawmill.
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    I was elk hunting in Idaho this fall and found a fallen tree that partially grew around a cast iron pot.
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    Use to run 3- 56" insert tooth circular mills. Many times would find bullets and slugs in logs. Found an axe bit grown half way into an old yellow birch.
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    I found a circular sawmill blade with frame partially imbedded in a couple of trees. One tree grew up through the frame and had the shaft and frame imbedded in it. The other tree grew up next to it with the blade nut in it. The blade was partially imbedded in both trees.

    I cut it all out, and still have that old saw on display on my property.
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    Concrete many many times. Idk who thought that one up
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    How about a single shot shotgun? One of the guys, I worked with on the fire department, was cutting firewood. He knew he was cutting a hollow tree, but had no idea the shotgun was there. He made his cut, kind of high, because the tree was on a steep slope, and cut right above the end of the barrel. He figured someone, many years before, had hunted there, and planned on coming back, so they stuck the gun in the hollow tree. It was still loaded. He hung it on his wall.
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    I have owned and operated a logmaster 3phase electric converted sawmill since 2010. The biggest thing I have found in a tree so far is a very old folding chair in the base of a large box elder maple log.
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    Hmmmm...I just read, what I wrote. Let me clarify, before someone, inevitably, blasts me (pun intended). At the time, he found it, it was still loaded. He did not hang a loaded firearm, on his wall.
    And, your local firefighters will thank you for not having a loaded firearm on your wall. Not that that's never been done.
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