What Have You Learned at LawnSite.com

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What is the most important thing or things you have learned here in the past year or how ever long you have been a member of LawnSite.com? Answer them all, just one, or add your own category. If you are referring to a thread on LawnSite in your answers, please search for it and include the link to it. This could be interesting and another good archive for members.

1. Best Time Saver

2. Mechanical Tip

3. Maintenance Tip

4. About Customers

5. About Mowers

6. About Mowing

7. About Aerating

8. About Fertilizing

9. About Herbicides

10. About Leaf Removal

11. Estimation Information

12. Equipment / Vehicle Costing

13. Sales tips

14. Hourly Cost

15. Job Costing

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I would like to say i have learned very much about all aspects of running a landscaping business. I cant pin point in particular a thing or two or even three because my brother and i have learned so much from everyone on this site. I am positive about one thing though we would be making ALOT more mistakes than we are if it wasnt for this incredible site. So once again, and i speak for both of us here (syzer), thanks for everything!!!


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I have learned more from just about everthing listed, The ones here before me I take great consideration to what you say on these posts. I do know everyone has different points of views, different ways to run businesses and different equipment, I have learned enough from here to help me run my company with more integrity and better services. I do like the funny posts as much as the serious posts so keep the posts up and remember, most of all everone one needs a good laugh every now and then. Thank you all for your replies and post and hope many more funny ones come our way.


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Things that have helped Toroguy...

BEST TIME SAVER- This site has saved me time in my learning curve. Without LawnSite I would have had to figure out many issues through trial and error.

MECHANICAL TIP- for me, removing the spark arrestor in my shindaiwa trimmer saved me a trip to the dealer.

ABOUT CUSTOMERS- I learned about nagging customers and less than desireable properties. Knowing Im not alone really helps.

ABOUT MOWERS- I had never heard of exmark, now I own one.

ABOUT MOWING- I had seen a few lawns with stripes. Until I came to this site I didnt know the term or how to lay them properly.

ETC- Discussions regarding pricing allowed me to raise my prices to meet the standard of others with confidence.



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One of the things I have learned the most about is prices and the fact that I need to raise mine. Probably the second most important is about the equipment. You can find all sorts of information on equipment in here, from mowers to trimmers, edgers, blowers and even trucks and trailers. You can get info in here you could not get from a dealer. For example I would never have known about the problem with the Kohler 25 HP engine without this site. When it comes to buying equipment I always search this forum first to get an idea of what is good and what is crap. There is so much knowledge and information in here it's scary.


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Double blades
Large % of kohler 25 hps are defective
Gatorblades for leaves
What the rest of the country charges
How the rest of the country makes money in the off season
Striping, but no one does it here.
Everyone else has problem customers
Everyone else has trouble getting their money
They bushhog(slash lol) in austrailia

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Eric ELM

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Turfman, it's been added