What height are you cutting St.Augustine

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Jul 10, 2011.

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    Green T

    A.) So you are saying your 22,000 posts in the Political Forum are all garbage and not worth reading??????? Then Yes I agree.

    B.) I am not a Winger I am a Capitalist. I am only confrontation with Foreigners who want to change our capitalistic way of life. They pose a real threat to the American dream by bring the same socialism that cause their home land (Iceland) to be the First Country to declare Bankruptcy.
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    I do not get paid by the cut if that is what you asking.....but believe me when I say that some customers do not care if it has rained for part or most of the last eight days...they expect you to be on their property getting the property in shape the minute the sun pops out. I have five full days....and that means I can not afford rain delays...at least not ones for very long. I will take time off if it is pouring and their property has reached its capacity of moisture...but a little rain here and there is not stopping me. I know you were just busting chop BTW.
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    Interested to see.
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    I feel better now. I am doing the same on a 5-6 day cycle. I have a few yards that had to be done walking the wb. The ground was like pudding under foot. Michaels right some people dont care about 3 days straight of rain, If you want to keep them you suck it up and make them a priority at the earliest window. 7 days a week this time of year. Heavy rain I get ahead on planting, mulch and sod.:usflag:
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    If you look at drought index numbers you will see my home county of Seminole is one of the few that is in the blue on the charts even after our spring droughts ......life has been a little rough the last couple of weeks.....BUT NOVEMBER is just around the corner!!!!
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    Quit while you're behind old man. This is the Florida Lawn Care Forum :waving:

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    Everything gets cut at about 4 inches maybe a tad less if my tires are soft. If its Bahia I cut at 2.75 its kinda short but everyone wants it like that.
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    Captiva on 7/11/11. One year and 10 days after being put in. 5 days since it was cut. Complete with some fungus, webworm damage, and a little purple nutsedge popping through. The darker pictures is a fairly shaded area. Despite all that, it still looks better than 95% of the lawns out there. I am very satisfied with it. It's just not for customers who do not maintain some kind of regular watering schedule. It's more aggressive than I thought it was going to be, but it won't come back from complete neglect like Floratam will.




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    Blades appear to be thin in some of the close ups to me, is it thinner than Floratam. Palmetto? Thanks for sharing real life photos by the way.
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    Much thinner and softer.


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