What height are you cutting St.Augustine

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Jul 10, 2011.

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    Uh... no offense intended here to anybody, but I thought this was funny;

    What's the difference between a canoe and a French Canadian?

    Canoes tip...

    Let them come down and spend their money... I quote a price where I can afford to business and that's that. But so that you know, in Canada, the TIP is added to the bill. It's usual and customary for Canadians not to tip extra. This also true in many places in Europe. Different cultures, etc. etc.
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    Winnie The Poo

    I am 13 generation going back to an indentured Servant of William Stanton the First Colonial Governor of Maryland. I just happen to of been born on an Island in the South Pacific. And I Don't cut grass.

    Let us turn the coin here. US citizens are not looked upon favorably in Canada. In fact most Canadians would rather identify with Europeans than the USA.
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    sad how we can be the most generous country in the world, coming to the rescue in financial aide and supplies everytime there is an earthquake, famine, tsunami, funding the U.N.while they undermine us at every turn, whatever....by far we give the most in blood and treasure and thats a fact, yet people want to claim we are hated around the world. In fact we are in some places. We have our own financial issues so I say screw the ungrateful foreigners and lets keep our precious money to ourselves!:usflag:
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    And suddenly, this thread about grass cutting height.... made a right turn into stooopid. :) :hammerhead:

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    Green T

    We are only imitating your posts in the Political Forum. Only our posts are actually appreciated by most people.
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    It would never have happened if you werent involved
  7. GreenT

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    My bad. :)

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    Just a quick thought, we have all been told cutting high helps the turf avoid stresses, but if the turf is really thick and lush and you are cutting it high, couldn't it be retaining moisture to much and not allowing air flow leading to fungal issues? Your thoughts
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    True. If the turf is lush and thick, that is my indication that there is adequate sunlight and irrigation/rain. Not stressful conditions for warm season turf. Cutting really high applies to cool season turf in hot weather being maintained without irrigation. In my area, st augustine is normally used in lawns that are too shady to grow bermuda or zoysia. It does have the stress of low light levels to deal with. Therefore, a suitable mowing height is 4" to allow the plant to photosynthesize.
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    I don't think so, I've never heard of that before and we do tip. Maybe the difference is that in Canada a tip is based on the quality of service where in the states it's an entitlement. I actually saw a story where someone got arrested in the states for not tipping.

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