what height to cut St.augestine

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bubba, Mar 12, 2000.

  1. bubba

    bubba LawnSite Member
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    need help with the correct height to cut<br>st.augestine grass in orlando area<br>this is my 1st year in business<br>have been cutting it at about 3&quot;<br>is that to short or too long<p>----------<br>b&r lawncare<br>
  2. snake1040

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    from fl
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    2-3&quot; or high enough that it isn't scalping on some soft ground you may need to cut higher
  3. mikeslawn

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    from florida
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    Check out the Florida Lawn Handbook just type it into your browser. It is put out by University of Florida(Go Gators)with the Florida Cooperative Extension Service. It has just about everything you need to know including the proper mowing heights for all of florida grasses.
  4. lawngator

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    from Florida
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    Bubba, It depends on the thickness. I cut most of mine at 4&quot; but it varies from 3-1/2 to 4-1/2. I'm just west of you, in Clermont.<br> Good luck, Bill
  5. mowerparts

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    Cut it between 3&quot; to 4&quot; Take no more than 1 1/2&quot; off the top at a time. The Florida Lawn book as mention is a good start. You can also go to the U.F. web page and get all the info you need. I would also call your local AG. Center, they are a free service.<p>----------<br>http://mowerparts.hypermart.net<br>

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