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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by The Turfinator, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. The Turfinator

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    I put a bid on some City properties and the request stated that I can't use any herbicides containing dicamba. I am using a perma green magnum, so the Momentum fx is out of the question. I heard that Momentum fx will cause crystallization in the lines. Lesco said the only option is to use Confront, however, it is only labeled for commercial and I can't change products from lawn to lawn. Does anyone know of any non dicamba products with good broadleaf weed control that is labeled for commercial and residential. I also think they may be confusing dicamba for 2-4-d , Because why would'nt they want me to use Dicamba? Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  2. Forever Green Lawn

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    Momentum FX2 will be out in May, they lowered the amout of Fluroxypyr to help this problem. Lesco says the crystillization was due to using hard water, causing the product to gel. See if your Lesco rep can give you more info on this. If the ph of your water isn't too high, you may be able to use the Momentum FX, otherwise there are several products avaliable. Scott
  3. teeca

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    one reason they are not wanting dicamba could be the type of trees that are present. pear trees are very sensitive to dicamba. i found this http://www.pbigordon.com/pdfs/Dymec-SL.pdf it is a strait 2,4d. also i think tractor supply has the same.
  4. Grassmechanic

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    As Teeca has said, dicamba is known to harm sensitive trees and ornamentals. PBI Gordon had a chemical called 2+2, I don't know if it's still available. It is 2,4D and MCPP, no dicamba. Or you can use plain ol' 2,4D.
  5. LawnTamer

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    Riverdale, (now owned by Nufarm) Makes a product called WEEDestroy AM 40. (It really is spelled like that with the WEED capitalized). It is applied at 2-4.2 pints/acre, you could use it by itself at 4 pints per acre (1.5 oz/1000) it does a pretty good job. Last time I bought it, (1996) it wasn't very much $$. It won't do a good job on mallows and it struggles with bindweed, but it will get dandilions and clover. 2-4-D, MCPA, & MCPP aren't taken up through root structures very well like dicamba is. They probably have that clause because they had someone apply a product like Banvel (straight Dicamba) ornamentals by lawns often have shallow roots right under the lawn, a lot of Dicamba would at the very least cause a great deal of wilting and potentially kill a bunch of them.
  6. lilmarvin4064

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    If you don't mind getting bulk, you could try a Turflon and Spotlight mix (triclopyr + fluroxypyr), maybe add some MSMA. I think they are all good for residential.
  7. PR Fect

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    So have you tried the new Momentum FX2 yet? My lesco guy also told me to premix the Momentum FX with warm water before putting it in the tank and that would help. What do you think? PR
  8. Forever Green Lawn

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    Lesco out here doesn't have it yet. Fx was being a real pain with gelling so we removed the nozzle screens on out PG's, since then I've been spraying with a lot of Lesco 3-way which works very well. As a side note, the ph of the water had little effect on gelling, we are using city water and I tested the ph and it's about 6.8 to 7.
  9. teeca

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    if i could ask, what is the hype on momentum? looking at the cost compaired to other herbicides it seems like is 3-times the price if not more. granted i have used lesco's 3-way and i think it sucks to say the least, but their are other suppliers with better and less expensive herbicides. and reading post on here about the problems with mixing and problems running it thru the ride-ons, (like speedzone), i have to ask why? i have used trimec 992, and triplet sp for years and never had the issuse that people are having. heck you could run triplet sp mixed with quick silver for a fraction of the price of the momentum fx.
  10. Forever Green Lawn

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    We use a lot of lesco 3-way and have had good results. It's also made by Nufarm, same as Triplet. We sprayed 260 acres of town parks and it killed all the weeds except a few small areas of violets. Momentum is better on violets and maybe ground ivy so unless your lawns are loaded with these weeds, you are right on the money; there is really no reason to use more expensive products like Momentum. We keep some on hand for problem lawns but that's it.

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