What? I now own your irrigation problems.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by TPnTX, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. TPnTX

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    I did a Landscape job last week. Backyard around the pool in place of an established lawn. So I killed the grass and then used a sod cutter to take it up.

    I hit one sprinkler head but it was no big deal I replaced it.

    I normally will ask a customer to demonstrate the irrigation system before doing any major work but this time they were out of town and I couldn't get to the controller.

    So today I get a call that things are all screwed up. When any station is on, the station(6) were the landscaping is comes on too.

    Long story short I have figured out what the problem is but it has nothing to do with putting in a few plants. They've got zones supplied by multiple valves. Some idiot job and it damn sure was already there before my crew.

    I shaking my head on this one.
  2. Duck Dodger

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    Not sure how you came about that coclusion but it sounds to me like you have trash in #6 valve.
  3. Cutting_Edge_Lawns

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    Duck Dodger is exactly right- you've got sediment or dirt in that valve- you can unscrew the solenoid and use a wire to clean the small port underneath while it is running. Good luck

  4. lawnkid

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    No I bet it's because whoever installed the system is an idiot and figured ok, for the system to work I'll manually turn all the valves a 1/4" turn to the on position until they're all open at once, and then set the timer for the individual stations so that now all the vales in the box are in the open position and only one is actually electronically turned on from the controller box. I had this probalem at a new customers house a couple months back. Exact same problem. Zone 1 would run all the time and whichever one was electonically turned on from the box was on at the same time so 2 zones going at once. Some people trully are dumb. :dizzy:

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