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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. FrankenScagMachines

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    My little 32” Gravely just doesn’t cut as nice as the eXmark or Ferris and it’s starting to get to me. The deck height adjust is not the best and there is no real way to adjust the deck level (which is probably most of the problem). And it’s old and worn out, and it is a belt drive…. It has enough power and operates just fine. I’d just like a nicer cut.
    Since my eXmark is sitting around doing nothing, I was piddling with the idea of using it to make a 32” 17hp hydro floating deck! I have an old eXmark 32” deck in the backyard…. The worst part of it would be making my drive unit much narrower… I can see some cutting and welding on the wheel motor frames and the deck carrier frame. This is just an idea, I have not even done any simple and quick measurements to see… I’d like to make it so the 52” deck can be slipped back under it if I need to as a backup or if in the future I get a job that requires a large walk behind. I don’t know, this whole idea may not be feasible. But I was curious if the drive unit frame is the same size for a 32 or 36” hydro as a 52” hydro, does anyone know? Or could anyone that has a 32/36 get some measurements for me maybe?
    Would appreciate it and any ideas on the subject. It would make a very nice high horsepower machine! I’d probably mulch with it since there’s enough power to EASILY mulch well!

    Comments? C’mon! Criticize the latest FrankenScagMachines scheme!!! haha
  2. LwnmwrMan22

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    I think you either need more lawns, to take up this free time you're going to spend designing and working this thing, or....

    I'm glad I don't have a cutting torch and welder
  3. Phishook

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    it should work. Then put the bowl on the caster arm with a big carb so you can get a good hit.;)
  4. fga

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    I love crazy ideas like that........... i'm sure you watch "monster garage" alot, as do I!!!

    did you want to try this for cost reasons, or, for the challenge? (both acceptable!)
  5. captken

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    go for it!:angel:
  6. Sam-Ohio

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    If you want your 18 year old Gravely to have the prettiest cut on the block, and do it the easy way , it's very simple to do.

    Load it up and drive over to your closest Gravely dealer , and trade it for a new 2004 , 36" pro mower !

    The improvements in the mower decks [especially the 36"] and the quality of the cut that Gravely has now will cause your jaw to drop !!!
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    The front and rear would both have to change to accomidate the 32" and then it would be wrong for the 52" to be put back on. I say nay! Just be on the lookout for a good used hydro 32-26" if you need one quite a bit.
  8. Itsgottobegreen

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    FGA I am a monster garage junky. I have built some stuff to prove it. That show was the reason why I bought a welder and torch.

    Eric- After reading this, I did some thinking. I think I can help you with this. I wouldn't go and bother trying to make a full floating deck. You would ruin the carrier frame. The 32" deck you have is how old. If its some what new. I would suggest measuring the width of the engine platform and the width of th deck mounts. They might just be the same size. So you could just bolt the deck right on. You might have to drill some holes. Then figure out what size belt you need for the deck. Now for the tires. If you can still get them. The rear tires on the 32" viking should work. Other wise you need to find a tire and rim thats the same diameter as the ones you have but 5" wide.

    If this could work. Then you just have to unbolt the wheels, deck and remove the belt when you want to put on the 52" deck.

    If you have a torch and a welder anything is possible.
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    OK guys, well…. yes one it would be a cost effective nice mower (nicer than a new one- can ya get 17hp V twin Kaw power on a 32” dual drive hydro? I didn’t think so) and I already have the drive unit anyway. Don’t really need the 52” walk behind but was going to keep it since it’s paid for.
    I have ONLY the DECK shell of the 32”. It is an eXmark deck from an old belt drive 5 speed (before Metro). The deck has baffles in it just like my TTHP though. I thought about making it fixed deck but then I have to get the front wheels (maybe better than messing with making it floater). My biggest concern would be making the drive tires narrow enough for a 32” deck (obviously the tires have to be as narrow as the deck to make it get into gates). Well I thought the hydro motors would have to be made to set farther inward on the mower. But I was just out there measuring it, looks like just skinny tires and rims bolted on it as it is would work. I suppose I’ll probably just go with making it a fixed deck. Don’t know if I will ever need the 52” deck back on it I guess only if the Ferris lets me down (dealer will give me a loaner machine if it does under warranty). So maybe I’d have to pirate the deck parts from the 52” (idlers, spindles) for the 32 unless I can find some others somewhere. Ok just thinking out loud.
    No, I have plenty of work! I don’t have much if any time for this project but I’d like to do it if I can….
  10. FrankenScagMachines

    FrankenScagMachines LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Hey i was just on the eXmark website and noticed it does not list a 32" Viking anymore? What's up with that?

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