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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by T-Bone, Feb 2, 2001.

  1. T-Bone

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    What if a person focused on a designated area (150k and up) distributing fliers with a free yard art (weathervane etc.)with one year maintenace agreement?
    How would you keep from being taken advantage of or after how many weeks service would you agree to deliever there incentive gift?
    The idea is to cut travel time and allow more customers not lower rates so I suppose a person could take a couple of hits say for $35 ea.
    Would this look more attractive to someone?
    After all it would be a write off.

    thanks for your input.

    CICERO Banned
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    I dont know about a free weathervane. Maybe the lady of the house might get excited. To make sure they didn't quit on you if they still wanted the weather vane just tell them a time frame of when you will give them out. Tell them you will be distributing the weathervane after the season. You are in control. Never let the customer be in control. Consider this also that (I dont know where you live) but I barely get 35 mows a year. If you bid a job at 25 bucks you are actually getting 24 bucks. If you have 10 accounts thats $350. This is a lot a money. I really dont know if you have to give things away to gain accounts. Some customers are wary of someone that needs business that bad to have to give things away. I am not saying you are but just wanted to give you both sides of the spectrum.
  3. HOMER

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    I wouldn't give anything away. Give them excellent service and they get what they are paying for. Walmart or the plumber doesn't give you anything. The only way to "catch on" in a particular neighborhood is for the other homeowners to see the work you do at the first one. If you do anything offer them a gift certificate to a nice restaraunt for every new account they can get you. That's about as far as I would go, and I haven't gone that far yet! Humans are a funny breed, they have to see it to believe it most of the time!
  4. T-Bone

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    Hope this $25 is just an example. I am looking at $40 to $60 wk accts. I truly have all the work needed but would like to dump some comm. accts and replace with res. in a designated area


    With quality service I would get my return in one season I don't offer a cheap service. I like the idea of the certificate but may have to make it from a nurcery due to the poor service from most restrants in this town.

    Thanks You both have been a great help.
  5. T-Bone

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    Ok Lets try this again Nursery
  6. zimm4

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    Onr idea is to suprise them. Give them somthing extra on the job. One simple but overlooked idea is to drop A thankyou note.

    Say thankyou for the business and leave it at that.

  7. Ssouth

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    I previously mentioned in a post about gifts that I will be giving out either a peace lilly ($5) or a flat of annuals ($9) around Easter to all of my clients. The reasoning for this is most people who take the Annual option will pay me to plant them or will want more than one flat. My point is, if you are going to give an incentive be sure it's one that you can make some money on either now or in the future.
    I do realize that half of my customers I will lose this money on but the other half will make up for it and everyone gets something for free. All customers are happy and I make little extra money for just being nice. HOPE THIS MAKES SENSE TO YOU ALL. If not, let me know.

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