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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bkdlawnCo, Jan 4, 2006.

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    > Now as i look back on the internal struggle i had on my decision to skip out on my education to start my own business i'm glad i've made my decision. In the Fall of 2007 i will be pursuing my Associates degree in Landscape Contracting from Stockbridge School an Associates program at The University of Massachusetts. The information i've received says that i will gain skills in horticulture, landscape construction and small scale design. After school I can start my own business or I can work for an already established firm. Actually looking at it, I think i might look for a job at an established firm as a designer, build up some kind of financial foundation then pursue my own business. I'm currently working for my father(when i'm not in school) doing construction(septic systems,site work,house jobs)What do you think I should do after college?

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    Join the Peace Corp.

    I think you said it best-- I think i might look for a job at an established firm as a designer, build up some kind of financial foundation then pursue my own business
    You will have the school smarts so a little time on someones else's dollar to learn the field side of it will be great. Good luck with it all. You seem to have a good lock on it.
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    Hi bkdlawnCo,

    What would you like to do and why? Maybe answering that will help you come up with a long range goal.

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    Team Gopher...I am starting out new this year as an LCO and I am in Missouri. I was wondering what do you suggest as a business type...I was thinking LLC would fit a solo operation best but do you think a sole prop or corp would be better? I asked your CPA on the form as well, thanks! :confused:

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