what incentives do you give employees?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnwizards, May 21, 2007.

  1. lawnwizards

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    when they stumble upon a lucrative account? my employee has a friend who told him about a cemetery that was up for bid. i believe it will be in the 500 per cut range. he was wanting 50% per cut, which is out of the question. my question is, what should he get if we land this account? i was thinking maybe a pair of worktunes or something like that? what do you all think? thanks

  2. mlhm5

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    If they land the account without your involvement, other than the estimate, 15% of the net for the first year and 5% if they stay a customer for each additional year.
  3. lawnwizards

    lawnwizards LawnSite Silver Member
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    15% plus their pay?
  4. jsf343

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    I could never afford to give them that much. I give bonus's of $50.00, $100.00, $250.00, even $500.00 but they should not expect it. It is just something to show my appreciation. I would love to do more or give more but this is my job, it is how I provide for my family, much like most of you. I can not be giving away a full days pay or more everytime just because someone gets an account. However,It is actually part of their job description, everybody plays a small part in trying to grow the business and pick up more work.
  5. bohiaa

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    The going rate is 10%, however, when my employees bring in a weekly contract I give then 100 % of the 1st cut....

    in this case he would get 500.00,

    BUT you have to remember, I pay well, and treat my employees VERY well.
    not saying that you dont.
  6. lawnwizards

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    bump to the top /\
  7. Grits

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    You might want to give him a little something. But really, he is just helping to insure that he has work, so he shouldn't expect anything. 50% is just stupid and you should let him know it. Maybe 50% the first month. But not for the life of the account.
  8. cpel2004

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    A cold cola and a smile, oh and their job. I mean you could give them a finder fee but that about it. Large companies dont give bonuses if you stayed extra at work for an entire month, no its a part of your job. By doing this you ensure that they kkep their current employment. I would give him a one time payment, but it would be reoccuring. I understand you want to be fair, give him 10% of the gross and maybe hook him up on the xmas bonuses. Just my humble thoughts
  9. Mic_bug

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    Incentive........ ahh to keep their job.

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