What info do you give your customers?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by BeautifulBlooms, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. BeautifulBlooms

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    I am wondering what you guys leave as far as a service report. How detailed, do you give exact product info? And do you also give exact product info when they sign a contract? Meaning do you say step 1 is 19-0-6 w/ dimension @ 1lb N/1000 or do you just say you apply a fertilizer/herbicide combo product that covers crabgrass control.

    Anyone have any service reports on file w/pdf or anything to help me out. I just am unsure what I should be leaving for my customers.
  2. Whitey4

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    In NY, it is supposed to be a full disclosure. How much and what. Basically, I give them an MSDS. (or will as I am very near to being a licensed tech). The NYS DEC makes it quite clear what you have to do, how much notice to give the customer, what "neighbor notifications" are required... but it varies from state to state.

    In NY, if you ever get investigated, you must have your chemical reciepts, and a log book of what you put down, when, and have a customer contract on file. Basically, we have to account for every pound of pesticide we buy. By law, a full disclosure of all chemicals are supposed to be given to the home owner. Not just a list, but most of what is on the MSDS.

    You really have to talk to the state if you want to limit risk and know what is required where you operate. I'm just getting into all of this, and it's amazing the paper trail that one has to maintain to stay clear of violating the law, but I am also in one of the most restrictive areas of the country. Things may not be so... detailed in Wisconsin, with all the farms...
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    I am just the opposite of Whitey. The invoice I leave just says "Pesticide and Fertilizer". However I do keep records of what I applied and at what rate.

    I keep a Lap Top and printer in my truck. On that Lap Top are all my Labels and MSDS of every product I have ever used and then some. Wireless connection also allows me to go on the Internet. I have yet to have a customer question me to the point of Printing those Labels or MSDS. A few will ask if it is safe for their pets and that is about it.

    BTW a Power inverter and Cheap printer work great. The power inverter goes bad before the Printer or Lap Top. I don't know why I didn't go with a Lap Top in the Truck Years ago.
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    In Michigan we have to supply the product and EPA Registration number, the rate per acre, concentration and target pest. With luck you can make a big check letter--just check the box of the product that you used--then estimate the pounds or gallons, done. Yellow copy goes to the office. Later we put the data on the computer.

    The big problem results when we decide to change products in mid-season. If you switch brands, its is a different EPA Number? If we decide to try a new weed control--all the data is different. The checkbox doesn't help.
  5. Whitey4

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    The laptop sounds like a good idea, but I am shelling so much $ out this year on other stuff, it will have to wait.

    Once I decide on my program for this year, I will probably generate "fact sheets" that includes the info the state requires I divulge to the customers, instead of using an MSDS. Heck, we even have to comply with the "Neighbor Notification Act" for some applications. BTW, I have never gotten one from any LCO that works nearby my home. They do put flags out though.
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    Read my reply to Riggle in thread "LAP TOP". A Lap Top won't make you money, but it will help you put the money you made in your pocket.
  7. Whitey4

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    My costs this year are sky high. A new 32 WB, new spreader, new blower Redmax 8001, new hedge trimmer, new trimmer, new 4 gallon backpack sprayer, new small trailer for the WB. Not to mention the $1000 I have to spend to get certified. That blows the entire budget and then some, not to mention advertising. The laptop will have to wait.

    I started last year with home owner equipment, and at that, some of it was low end. Now, if the laptop could cut grass....:laugh:
  8. humble1

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    You should check your state dept of agriculture pesticide licensing board for your regulations, you dont want to get an audit and not have your ducks in a row, also if your not licensed you better check on that or your hanging it out on the choppin block-
  9. bigtex

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    once you get a little system to it, its not really that much. with my lawn accounts at the end of the day i put in a paper notebook the name of the home owner, date, cut or whatever was done-takes 5 minutes. now with lawns fertilized i'll just add (what and when) was put done for fert. takes another 5 mins. i leave customers basic info with lawn flag(what step). if anyone ever wants or needs additon info i have it. otherwise it leaves alot less work for me. and once a month transfer it to pc for invoices

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    Laptops are an excellent write off, as you know today is the end of the year and you really should purchase some big ticket items if havn't already, that's usually what you'll be told as you grow.

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