What injection system do you use and why?

Discussion in 'Fertilizers, Pesticides and Diseases' started by spray_man, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. spray_man

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    I am in the market for an injection system. My choices are: ArborSystems Wedgle Direct-Inject - ArborJet - EcoJet. I also looked at Mauget tree injection Capsules. I will be treating Palm, Oak, Magnolia, Holly, and some small hibiscus trees. Your opinion matters a great deal.
  2. Tree Guru

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    I do alot of injections. I use mauget due to the low application cost and time savings. One thing to consider on loadable injection tools is the upkeep. If your applying multiple types of products throughout the day you will need to clean some of these tools after each product. I don't have any experience with the Wedgle just to Mauget injectors and the tree tech stuff. The Mauget Smart Shot looks cool just not very practical for high volume application business.
  3. Nunyabisnes

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    I used to use mauget but switched to Arbor Jet a few years ago and love it. Good profit margins and great results.
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  4. biodale

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    I use Arbor Jet. I have had good response from factory when I called with questions. They replaced the case for with the upgraded model at no charge. I get good results. The chemicals are expensive, but what isnt.
  5. Heidi J.

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    We have always used Arbor Jet.. but the chemicals are so expensive .. you have to charge a lot more. You also have to charge more because it takes longer for the up take, so you are paying a guy more money. Last year we used the Wedgel. The chemicals were cheaper, plus, it had quicker up take. But I don't think it worked as well. Besides, you really have to know what your doing with Wedgel so you don't harm the tree.. So we are back to using the Arbor Jet :)
  6. Root Drench

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    How do you guys convince clients to pay significantly more for injections than they would have to pay competitors for soil drenches or granular systemic products ? I know the injections work much faster and accurately, but wouldn't a soil drench or granular mix get the same job done eventually? (Just playing devil's advocate) I would love to do injections but all of my clients are already on a regular quarterly drench at $20 a tree and I can't see being able to talk them into spending double or more )
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  7. Nunyabisnes

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    Show them facts. If you do a soil drench with imidicloprid, you get a low amount of ai that actually makes its way throughout the tree. All of the injection methods have much higher rates throughout the tree. Here's a link showing a few test results.

    I also sell them on the fact that it's a product that no one will come in contact with and won't leech into the soil and possibly the aquifer.
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  8. Heidi J.

    Heidi J. LawnSite Senior Member
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    No one around here does the root drench. Everyone does the injections, so it's not hard to convince them. We have EAB bad here.. we have a lot of Ash trees around. People want to save them.

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