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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ibuildme, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. ibuildme

    ibuildme LawnSite Member
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    My brother/business partner are in a argument (sorta) on what to go with.

    either A
    buy a brand new 2012 SCAG tiger cat 52" with the 27 kholer and %0.00 financing for 48 months and the payment are 177

    or B
    buy a used SCAG wildcat 61" with 1100 hours on it for 4200 bucks?

    I want the brand new one but he is arguing that the used one is a better deal because it is cheaper but i said the new one comes with a warrenty and brand new everything that will last at least double as long as the used one
  2. For 48 0% this is a no brainer.
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  3. knox gsl

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    If doing business with a partner, family no less then you have bigger problems then which machine to buy. Also if starting out get the used machine and pay cash for everything.
  4. ibuildme

    ibuildme LawnSite Member
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    we have the jobs left over from last year and we need a bigger mower because we have like 3 accounts that we need it for and one of them will take 2 hours to cut with just the new 52"
  5. Grant11

    Grant11 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Go used with no payments. It will pay itself off much quicker and get the job done.
  6. TheChiefsLawnCare

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    wtf, why would you want to buy a used machine when you can get a brand new one and get interest free. yeah there is not such thing as interest free because they get you with the price. i mean, are you really gonna miss 8 inches of cut when the engine goes out and its not covered. yeah i no 8 inches makes a big difference over a period of time, but youll be down longer replacing the engine.
  7. ibuildme

    ibuildme LawnSite Member
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    i want brand new. exactly what i was telling my brother is well have a warrenty if anything happens oh and must i remund you, the new tiger cub is going to be better in the spring with a 52" rather than a 61" wild cat because of weight and where i am from, there is nothing but rain. what if i do go used but i blow out the carb in a week or there is a crack in the deck that i didnt see when it was bought. 52" to a 61" is really not a loss when you have the power t make up for it. it would be different if i was cuttin fields but thats not the case
  8. Lawnut101

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    I would buy a Turf Tiger, or at least a Wildcat. That way you will have a machine for a long time...
  9. Salcido Lawn

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    When I first started, I bought all my large equipment, brand new. Making those payments got very old!! After having bought several mowers since them, enough to staff 4 crews. I now buy all my large equipment, used. I get much better deals than if I had bought them brand new! I look for equipment that has low hours and that have been taken care of really well! I recently bought a used 60" Exmark Diesel for $5,500. It only had 600 hours on it! I also bought a John Deere 1600 (11' batwing mower, with only 650 hrs) for $10,500! Here's a pic: http://lawnsite.com/showthread.php?p=4332166#post4332166

    There are really good deals out there and when you pay cash, you free up your money to run your business.
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