What is a commercial mower?


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How do you tell if a mower is commercial grade or not? Do you go by the horsepower and/or deck cutting size or what? I have 2 Briggs 20Hp, 42in cut yardman, are these commercial compared to a 15Hp, 42inch ZTR?

John Gamba

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60" fuel injected lazer. Now thats commercial :cool:



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Commercial is in the sense of the word, as they are designed with the intent to be used commercially (a machine for industry business). This is general means they are built more durable to handle a longer life cycle before failure. Since for example homeowners use their mowers 1 hour per week, and LCO's use their's 40 hours per week, there is quite a difference in how they have to be built.
HP, size, or any one variable does not make any machine commercial grade. It has to be the entire design of the machine, so that it was actually designed to endure constant use.


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These are all comercial grade mowers
yes even the frankincub in front.

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Click on the sponsor links on the top of the page. Hustler - Exmark - Wright – Bad Boy - Ferris - Great Dane - Gravely and Lastec. Then look at Murrys
or Craftsmans.You will see the difference between commercial and homeowner.


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commercial mowers are machines that are designed to be used day in and day out. residential mowers are fof ocasional use and will not hold up to everyday use.


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Put it this way. If it says Yardman on the side it AINT commercial equipment.And its not the engine that determines if it is comm. or home stuff. The home stuff is coming with commercial grade engines now. Its the transmission, steering mech.s, steel gauge. deck design, tires , wheels, bearings, etc.

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