What is a fair wage?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mhaley927, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Basically because the rest of the family is the ones who want the yard redone. Grandma likes it how it is. Since they are basically forcing her to do it all the while expecting her to pay for it, they want it to be cheap so that she is more willing to go through with the renovation.

    I know... gotta love manipulative family dynamics.

    And believe me, if I could afford to I wouldnt charge her anything or just not take the job, but over the next 4 years I'll be getting myself into 6 figures of debt going to a private college. Whatever I can earn this summer I need. Thanks for the input guys and gals.
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    Best of luck to you - hope all goes well. I agree with the poster that said - she would probably like to see the money go to you. I'm sure she is probably so proud of you that paying you is just a small way she can add to your success. I would not rob her of the blessing.
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    i would charge my grandma a shiny quarter
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    I just finished a job for my father-in-law. Mulching 30+ trees (cutting sod and removing for everyone), trimming half a dozen trees, Trimming 30 some bushes and pulling weeds, Edging a few hundred yards, and adding 8 yards of mulch. I was gonna do it for the cost of materials, but he surprised me and payed me 10 bucks an hour. I told him i would work for beer, referrals, and was going to use it as good before and after pics for the website. He's helped me out when i was younger, and i have a hard time accepting money from family. I'm just starting out so advertising was more beneficial for me than the payment. The job took me about 20 hours with the help of one other person.
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    Don't mix family and friends with business. It never fails, someone gets upset and its not worth it. I always tell them I would be happy to help but won't charge them. Get the rest of the family out there with you and bang it out for grandma for free. Plus you will get some quality time with everyone.
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