what is a good all around weed and feed ?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mowjoeman, May 11, 2004.

  1. mowjoeman

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    Anyone from the spring hill weeki wachee , brooksville area, no what to use for a weed and feed, and dollar weeds ? also where to buy good mower blades cheap for a toro 620 proline ztr? mulching of coarse? seems i go thru atleast 3 pair a season and i won't even tell you what i pay for them i'm to embarrassed lol . i have been looking around but want to use the right blades. Also i sharpen my own blades and it takes alot of time especially if there niced up pretty good which is almost impossible to avoid doing? i no you can buy a blade sharpener but they can be costly anyone no any tricks to sharpening the blades and a more reasonable price for new ones? thanks mowjoeman - weeki wachee.
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    I use Howard Jonhson w/f with millinium in it. It works well on dollar weed. With only 3-4 hrs of being applied before a rain it will still knock out clover & dandelions. Good luck.
  3. Chad@LebanonTurf

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    ProScape Confront by Lebanon is hands down the best weed and feed on the market today. Foliage does not have to be wet to be effective!
  4. mowjoeman

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    Thanks Lebanon - Can i get a little more info on the proscape confront . where would i be able to buy this product? I live in Central West Florida - Have you ever tried the howard Jonhson? is that any good LOL - Just starting out going into my third season and i don't have a license to apply this professionally, nor do i want the fines that go along with it if i happen to get caught? and the county does a good job at reminding everyone usually at the start of the grow season with a phamplet that comes by way of united States Postal Svc. 500.00 up to 5000.00 !!! If you get caught. Before That little piece of paper made it to my kitchen table i use to carry Round - Up The Guy i bought the business from use to have it on the truck for a few of the customers and applied it as a favor, but not anymore since i found out about the law, i showed the same phamplet to those customers and told them that it wasn't worth the fines and that was the end of that. But for my own use and it dosen't hurt to be able to recommend a good product to the customers that ask. Any information will be appreciated, Thanks - Joe
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    Hello and welcome to Lawn site. I hope you find good information Here.

    The STATE OF FLORIDA has some very tight LAWS about who can apply Pesticides. You might want to talk with MowerEd who is in your area. Gregg Alman is a Good Certified Pesticide Operator and I think he works your area. Contact Him or some other independent pesticide guy to set up a network. By working with a good Fert & Squirt Man, you can increase your business and offer your customer top of the line service. As a Fert & Squirt Guy I work with many Lawn guys and it works to both our advantage.
  6. khutch

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    Gregg Alman's not w/ABB anymore? Used to run into him in Sarasota....
  7. Ric

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    Gregg is a good man and I have an old e-mail address. I will e-mail him and see what is up. Thanks
  8. mowjoeman

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    Thanks Ric, for going out of your way . I can't believe this site I tell everyone I know about it! Maybe I should'nt because they won't have any need for me anymore? I don't think that would actually happen, as a matter of fact it would be a good thing if the customers could take the time to look up answers on their own. I really need to know about a fertilizer thats pretty much all around. This may seem impossible, but I use to use the same fertilizer for palms, as well as hedges and the rest of the tropicals around the yard and everything seemed to thrive! I just remembered ! the main ingredient is magnesium ! and a couple of other ingredients nitrogen probably? It's a time factor like it is with many of us i'm so busy cutting grass that I hardly find time for anything else? So I turned to lawn site . com and I have found the site to be very helpful, and as I mentioned I tell everyone about this site. well ric thanks again for your time, I feel as though I'm getting closer to some of my answers Thanks - Joe

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