What is a good beginner commercial mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by stiggy09, Aug 16, 2014.

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    If wishes were money we would all be Donald Trump, with better hair.

    You do not have enough money to buy what you want.

    You do not have the lawns to need to upgrade your mower.

    Yet you want to spend money you do not have for customers that you do not have.

    What do I know. Though I would think that waiting to you can no longer meet the work load with the equipment that you now have would give you more time to save more money to make the purchases that you want.
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    I bought a old beat up gravely pro 150 about a month ago for $200.
    The engine still runs great too. Yes that is a belt drive but my point is that you can get a good deal if you look around. I only bought it for those hay field jobs when you don't know what lies beneath. I wouldn't bother with belt drives for main mowers personally. The lack of a reverse, having to change gear, and precise controls makes a huge difference.
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    lowes has a 5x8 trailer that holds 2k lbs...its enough for the equipment you want and/or a yard of soil, or 2 yards of mulch etc. about $600. youll need to re-enforce the floor with plywood and build up the sides. it wont last forever but it will get you started in the right direction. you will also want to upgrade to a larger trailer, if not for the only reason to carry more materials at once.
    as for the ztr, youd be better off with the hydro walk behind as the others have stated. 3k will get you a brand new one, give or take a few hundred dollars. I bought my used ferris for $600

    mikes trailer.jpg

    mikes ferris.jpg
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    There is a beautiful 36 scag for sale on lawnsite for $2500 give him $2200,and you will be ready for bigger yards I've got a 36 belt scag that kicks but
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    Pretty much THIS.

    Everyone of these posts lately THIS is the answer.

    "where can I find a cheap ZTR"

    Why do newbs come here thinking we have some secret black market hook up?

    Or we are going to tell them that ACTUALLY when a mower is used, it becomes 1/10th of it's value with 90% of it's life left, and we all love to dump our mowers after one season just to get the new model (which ironically is true of things like snow machines! :laugh:)

    The full answer is:
    Go buy a walker GHS unit.
    There are three to choose from. The MS, MC and MT

    If you want to invest in the one man band, this is the mower to do it with.
    MTs will cost 3-15k. but you don't have to have one of those to be productive.
    An MS for a small solo will work fine. and Honestly MC (IMO) is where the value for the dollar is.
    IF you don't make things work outÂ… they hold their value well and you can sell the thing at almost no loss.

    Walkers are like snow machines in that, most people who own them, spend more on them than they do on their truck.

    And there is a reason for that.
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    The OP is in Pittsburgh(southwestern Pa) where most everything is on a hill/steep hill. Flat land is minimal. A Walker is not a logical choice for very small hilly lots...and unless one is in/near the Great White North, very few have use for a snow machine. Its an ATV/side by side world for the most part.
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    Take the advice of finding a good used hydro wb. For $2500 you can find a really nice commercial machine.
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    Thank you for your replies. I did not know commercial riding mowers were so expensive.
    Btw I found plenty of decent trailers for sale ranging from $600 to $1000 that should be able to haul my mower.

    Are commercial walk behind bad on hills?
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    My yards by the way are only like 1/8 of an acre.
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    not if its a hydro

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