What is a good business name?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by teejet, Aug 20, 2009.

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    My current biz name is my last name followed by landscaping, that is what I started out doing. I focus more on lawn spraying now and will add structural pest control category this year. I need to change my business name to something that shows what I do. I'm looking at going with ______ Lawn & Pest Solutions or _________ Services,. Does having a name that starts with "A" help in the phone book, with all the pest services? What do you think is a good catchy name for a lawn and pest company?
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    dont over think it,
    id recommend anything thats just short, simple, and easy for the customer
    to remember

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    My company name is (whatever you want) Weed Control and most of my customers assume I spray for bugs and do interior control. I don't. I have never advertised it they just expect it from a weed control company. If I did do it I wouldnt even add it to my name, I would just add it to the invoice(we now offer pest control) or let them know I did it when bidding on a job. I plan on adding it next year and I will add it to the price increase letter I send out every January. That would be a lot easier. JMHO
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    If you are fairly new or just starting out, I would keep your last name in your biz name for a while. People need to identify YOU to begin with, not a biz name. Also, keeping your name in your business name keeps you from having to file an assumed name.
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    My fathers suggestion for ours was F n A Pest Control (frank and anthonys)
    he didnt get it....and we didnt use it.:laugh:
  6. LawnoftheMonth

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    :laugh: i like that one.
  7. Ric

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    Who cares if it starts with an A...you will find that the phone book will probably be your worst investment. Name your business what you want and have fun with it and the business will come if you are good!

    This is my favorite. I think I seen them when traveling through Tenn somewhere.

    N2 Grass

    It is not only an awesome name but uses contains our most impotant element.

    I just thought it was awesome (even though N2 is a gas)!

    NO3 Grass or NH4 Grass just doesn't sound that good!

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