what is a good schedule?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by buttaluv, Mar 29, 2003.

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    I'm in the Kansas city area and would like to know what a good schedule is for putting down fertilizer, weed control, pest control overseeding, etc. I've got blue grass primarily but have been overseeding with turf fescue, because of the blue grass going dormant so soon. I tried the granular weed and feed ****, wasn't happy with that, so I started spot spraying weeds and just using granular fertilizer, then overseeding at that time. I just want some good ideas from some experts...thanks
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    You should consider just outsourcing this to a professional. Just look in the yellow pages.

    If you outsource this responsibility, you won't have to

    1.) invest time on this or other web sights
    2.) make trips to the Lesco store
    3.) remember when it's time to apply something (I guarantee you'll forget to make an application and then remember it after it's too late)
    4.) own/maintain/store any equipment, like a spreader or sprayer
    5.) mix any chemicals
    6.) worry about streaking or otherwise missing spots
    7.) worry about disposing of unused mixed materials
    8.) worry about how much to apply and wondering whether or not you're applying the proper amounts

    Believe it or not, if your time is worth anything at all, you won't save very much at all by doing this yourself, especially if you don't have any idea what to apply right now.

    Again, if you attempt to do this yourself, I can almost guarantee that you'll fail to make an application at the proper time, remembering only after it's too late, or not remembering at all. It's kind of like your air conditioning filter...everyone knows they should be changed once a month, but almost everyone fails to do that. Simple task...no training required...but it gets screwed up more often than not.

    My honest advice: outsource this to a professional.

    DFW, TX
  3. Need more info in profile if you want help

    How long in business?

    What's your experience and or education in turf?

    Appears to me you should outsource, do to maybe lack of knowledge and experience!
  4. buttaluv

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    Sorry, I should have said this is just for my yard, I do mow and do landscaping, but I am not licensed to do it for customers, nor would I, not knowing what in the heck I am doing and all.

    I think he should post a program for all to critique?

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