What is a good sprinkler that will cover a lot of distance?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by QualityLawnCare4u, May 7, 2007.

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    I need to get a sprinkler that will hook to a hose and cover a lot of distance instead of trying to hook up half a dozen dinky ones. My clients yards are all but gone (as well as me) because of no rain and none in the forecast and have been given permission to start watering since they are to lazy to. I usually would not do this but its forth and goal here. I always figured the lowballers would be my demise but looks like mother nature is going after me now! I bought one from blowes last year that worked good but the sorry plastic end would not stay screwed to the hose. Need one like the farmers use that will cover a half mile:laugh: and wanted suggestions since irrigation is not my expertise yet.
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    do the rain dance brotha....

    good luck
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    Without knowing how good or bad your domestic water is for pressure, and even then assuming an average hose connection, 30' is going to be about it for throw. If you can get paid for it, try the CR500 shrub model on a garden spike with the .5gpm nozzle. You won't get quite 30', but you can run 5-6 of them on a single run from a garden hose, or you can split them with a 'y' and get 8 on one hose bib. Irritrol's site and link for the CR500 is here http://www.irritrol.com/rotors/rotors_cr500s.html

    Realize to do any good with this small a nozzle, your going to run these for 3 HOURS at a time. You would then get around .5" of precip equivalent minus the loss to ET
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    What kind of distance are you looking for? Are you talking about a full circle or one that can be adjusted?
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    Your probably right, though with its 1" inlet, I'd imagine if you pushed 20 gpm through there you could get some major water out.
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    It might be redneck but this is what I have. Get a cheap 75' to 100' hose and put small cuts every 8 feet or so and place the hose around the areas needing water. I got all my cheap set ups by getting hoses that most folks throw away because of a hole or a smashed end. I'll fix the end with a $2 part and slit the hose according to needs.

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    You'll only get 50' max with that head. It's the same one we use on QC keys for our QCV systems. Their price just went up again and our cost is around $85 each.

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