What is a good starter rig?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by born2farm, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. born2farm

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    well next year me and my boss should both be licensed in fert and pest. app and we are looking at some options on a basic truck set up for anywhere between 50-100lawns. neither of us know crap about this side of the buisness so all help is appriciated. right now the only commercial app. equipment i have is a scotts acu pro 1200 walk behind spreader.
  2. Ric

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    IMHO stay with the granular program and Depending on the size yards add either a $100.00 25 gallon spot sprayer or electric Back Pack for doing weeds. The spot Sprayer can be hauled on your mower and refilled off your customer's Garden hose. With 50 to 100 accounts a Skid Sprayer would be an over kill.

    Now someone if not 20 will reply with the Buy a Skid Sprayer and Truck to haul it. But why spend the money on something you don't need?? You are paid for the results and not the Fancy equipment.
  3. ATVracer

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    I have the same setup Ric suggested, but I also have a nurse tank to haul my own water. By the time you retrofit a boom, hose & fittings onto a zero turn I was up to about $175 on the spray tank. You will need to invest in one of the $300-400 spreaders. Good luck!
  4. ZSpray Info

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    I am sure everyone on here will give you good advice. But if depending how far you are from Louisville KY, you should try to attend the GIE show in October. It is an excellent opportunity to see tons of equipment for the Green Industry.

  5. born2farm

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    well to correct myself my spreader is a Scotts ap2000. im pretty sure this is a commercial spreader but could be wrong.

    so you saying run my push granular spreader and then just a backpack sprayer and upgrade to a spreader/sprayer on our ZTR later?

    i will probably add a small nurse tank for water just because it seems un professional to use a customers hose.
  6. gregory

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    ric is talking about getting a 25gallon elec spot sprayer or using an elec back pack sprayer...the 25 gallon sprayer can be hauled with your mower....
  7. Ric

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    Sounds like you are already cutting Grass. Therefore your mower can be made into a spreader sprayer very affordable. Spyker makes the best spreader to attach to your mower. Booms can also be made or purchased to make is a spray Machine.

    I use a Walker Mower because the Ground Speed can be set to a constant ground speed. Gear drive Walk Behinds have the same advantage. The question is, Why buy an expensive Spreader Sprayer Machine when you already have a good machine that will work. As a start up company spend your money on advertisement and Better Product.
  8. born2farm

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    ok thanks guys. i will probably invest in a nice backpack sprayer and use my walkbehind some.

    i thought about transforming my old john deere rider (residential) it to a spray machine. mount some sort of rear tank with a 48in boom and a front spreader for granular. maybe not such a good idea as i thought.
  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Didn't know you wanted to get into the spray biz as well brock.
    How are things going?
  10. gorknoids

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    We have a 25, a 35, and a 50 gallon skid sprayer, but the quickest and least labor-intensive (Both in use and maintenance/loading) is one of these http://www.bugspray.com/pictures/products/287410.jpg mounted on a 4-wheeled cart with a hose rack on the back. 50' of hose gives a 100' before you have to move the rig, and you only need one person to spray.


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