What is a good ZTR for mowing hills and Slopes?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CUTTINGEDGEPOCONOS, Apr 27, 2009.


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    I am looking for a good ZTR Riding mower, commercial grade that is good on hills and slopes. Nothing extremely steep, but maybe 15 or 20 degree slopes. My 60" Exmark Walk Behind just blew up on me. I have a dixie 50" but it is terrible with hills, as soon as the front wheels turn down, the mower goes down the hill. I live in the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania so hills are inevitable, and many of my customers have these hills ans steep septics (turkey mounds). Many thanks in advance.
  2. drelgan

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    The Commerical Cub Cadet Tank S, with steering wheel steering. Point and it goes where you want without continously adjusting to keep going straight as with a lever steer mower.
  3. WH401

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    I have heard that the Scags act like there glued to the hill side. I wouldn't bother looking at a CC Tank, CC is owned by MTD now, need I say more?
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    I would forget the Z and get a hydro walkbehind. I have several places I mow that have hills and my Z gets very light in the front and gives me a very uneasy feeling. Alway's have your ROPS up and make sure to use your seat belt. Maybe its just me but I would think a hydro drive walkbehind would be a better choice. Stay away from Cub Cadet there decent machines but I wouldn't bet my life on one.
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    WB for hills and slopes, a whole lot safer. If it start to get away from you you can get out of the way. ZTR's can be heavy, and once they slide there they go. I have had that on my lazer z on about a 50 degree slope, it's scary, I have a roll bar too, but that will only go so far.
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    Check out the Hustler ATZ, it is designed to handle slopes better than traditional ZTRs.
  7. Hills are the weakness for all ZTR's. Though Hustler and Wright advertise theirs have a lower center of gravity therefore perform better.
    Why not get a stander? They have a real advantage on hills.
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    A Scag TT with the fuel tank underneath will probably be top of the line for slope holding capability, and cut quality. The center of gravity is lower than other zero turn mowers with the fuel weight holding it against the ground.

    The Hustler Super Z is excellent as well on slopes, with 20° being no problem when dry.
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    country clipper they are great on hills.
  10. hackalot

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    I don't think you can beat a wright stander or sentar on slopes.

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