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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Trinity Lawn Care LLC, May 6, 2006.

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    What is an acceptable turn around time if one of your mowers goes down and you take it to the shop? I like the guys where I go, and do not blame them for parts not getting there in a timely fashion, but there has to be a point where enough is enough. The shop is always cool, and when my machine is in the shop they let me use one of their rental units for free when I need it and when it is available. Well, it has been about 2.5 weeks and I am still waiting on my clutch to come in. Last summer, my ztr sat in the shop for one whole month. The company was slow getting parts, then when they sent the parts they sent the wrong parts, parts had to be reordered, etc. The whole time I lose money because of downtime, plus I still have to make payments on the mower.

    Just curious as to others thoughts on what an acceptable turnaround time would be?
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    Feeling your pain. Hope you have a back up mower for when the dealer doesn't have a loner. Might ask them if you can pay the extra for overnight shipping. At least you can take that off your taxes. Spend money to make money.

    I have been waiting over two weeks just to hear what is wrong with my mower let alone how long it will take to fix it.

    Its a Honda HRC216 and I took it to the shop that sold it. There is some kind of dealer contract that makes them the only authorized dealer/repair center even close to where I live. Of course this is the busiest time of the year for them. Just because a mower came from them doesn't mean a Lawn Guy gets preferential treatment.
  3. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

    Trinity Lawn Care LLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sorry to hear that you are dealing with the same thing. Yeah, I have to take it to that particular shop as well. They are the only authorized dealer when it comes to warranty work.
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    are you dealing with the same shop you bought the mower from? that always helps. i'd be embarassed to buy a mower from home depot because its cheaper, then take it to the dealer because HD cant service it. also, consider the time its taking now for future purchases. dont just shop for price, consider future service and parts needs before deciding on a brand or store. for example, i have 2 cub cadets. my local guy sells and services ONLY cubs, and even though mine are both over 30 years old, ive never waited for a part. he gets his commercial customers in quickly. he has a huge supply of parts machines. another local pro mower shop tells you right up front....didnt buy it here? you'll wait longer than those who did, and will pay $10 an hour more.
    in any case, waiting 2-3 weeks for a homeowner? id say thats average this time of year. for a pro? seems too long, but also sounds like they are doing their best. for future reference, MAYBE their best isnt good enough for you.
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    Some may have read this before, ALL Commercial users that come into where I work get preferential treatment over homeowners. I stop whatever I'm doing and get right on their unit soon as they pull in. If it's a minor repair and parts are in stock it's done while they wait. If the unit is a Dixie Chopper they purchased from us and a needed part is not in stock I will pull the part off a new unit in the showroom to get them back out mowing. Major repairs that require parts to be ordered normally takes 3 days to get the parts in and the repair is completed the same day the parts arrive, I don't remember ever keeping a Commercial unit down for a week.

    We look at it this way, Keep the Commercial Guy's up and running and we will most likely be their first stop when they are ready to upgrade their fleet.

    As for your question; In my opinion a week max. from a dedicated dealer would be acceptable.
  6. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    It is the same shop that I bought it from. It is my cub cadet ztr. The guys in the shop are awesome. Like I said, they Willa give me a loaner, add stuff from time to time that is not on the bill. However, it seems like where ever they get their parts is extremely slow. I have only had to make one repair on one of my Exmarks (the tracking knob broke on the viking), and it was fixed by like the next day. I am not really complaining yet. However, when you buy a $6,000 piece of machinery you want it in the field making you money.
    I think their biggest sellers are the New Hollands and Ferris. They probably do not keep a lot of Cub parts in stock.

    I have someone that may be interested in a trade in on an Emark ztr, but I can't even do that until I get it back.
  7. Tech man

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    The shop I work in strives for a 3 day turn around. Does it happen? 46.3% of the time it does, but that is if we have the parts in stock. Company management does not want to keep a large inventory of parts that sit on the shelf, because as they put it, they dont want to have so much money just sitting on warehouse shelves.

    44.7% of the time it is over 12 days that a unit will sit waiting for a part. They it was told to me with the cost of fuel on the increase most companys wait till a truck is FULL to ship a parts out, meaning that from the time we order a part it doesnt get shipped to us for 5-7 buisness days.

    Its a load of crap if you ask me, cause I hate telling our customers that they wont see their machine for 2 weeks.
  8. Tech man

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    That sucks, If one of our stickers is on a unit, it gets put in front of everything that doesnt.

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