What is aerating and dethatching?Why?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BigEd, Nov 22, 2000.

  1. BigEd

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    Nobody I have worked for do this.Going out on my own this year do not want to miss out on the extra money.
  2. jeffex

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    Aeration is usually done by a walkbehind type
    machine that takes 2" to 3" plugs out of the turf.
    It reduces soil compaction and allows water and
    fertilizer to reach the grass roots. The plugs act
    like a tunnel for turf roots to grow down deeper
    into the soil. You can put all the water and fert.
    on a lawn you want but if it just runs off the
    surface you customers won't see the GREEN.

    De-thatching is again usually done by a walkbehind
    machine you can rent. It has tines that rake up
    dead grass that is choking the turf.

    Go to your nearest rental center and ask them for
    a pamphlet put out by BLUEBIRD {they make the
    aerators and de-thatchers I rent}. I give them to
    my customers to explain the process and they are
    very professional and don't cost a dime!!!

  3. GroundKprs

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    If you just search for "aerat" (to include aeration, aerate, or aerator) in subject only, you will find over 90 threads, with hundreds of comments. Can gaurantee you will not get hundreds of answers when you ask a question treated so often in the past. After reading these comments, if you have any questions, then you can ask for specific answers.
  4. bob

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  5. CCLC

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    Thatching and Aeration are excellent ways to supplement income. We do most of ours in the spring just as soon as weather permits. We do more aeration than thatching. When you explain the benefits of aeration to customers they usually will go for it. Good Luck next year.
  6. BigEd

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    from MD
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    Thanks to all that replied.Looks like I will be doing some aeration this year.
  7. Bob Shoaff

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    I enjoyed reading the responses to the posted question. Now my question is what would you normally charge for an aeration job or thatching?
    Thanks, Bob
  8. toddman35

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    you can use the search function at the top right of the page. If you search for areating pricing or something like that you can find some good threads on it. Hope this helps.
  9. Eric ELM

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  10. Bob Shoaff

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    Thanks for your help. That was a good start.

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