what is best option in mounting my rail?..reason is..

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    My used 6x14 trailer is a equipment trailer I believe. no sides and has stake pockets all around it. 2 heavy rings up front. Came with nice and well constructed 6' high treated board sides. I was going to weld my angle uprights for the rail on the top side of the 2x3 tube side rails (frame).. then I could still utilize the wood sides if need be or in fall. The metal rail would then be just inward all way around of the stake pockets..then could drop wood sides in without hitting metal rail. BUT- The bed is exactly 6' wide..outside to outside. If I weld on top..(A) I'll loose 4 inches of that 6' of bed use (B) but welding the uprights won't be as stong as welding them onto sides. ok..Now Here is what I think is best option: just drill and bolt rail to insde of stake pockets (1 bolt per pocket) this is 12 or 13 total. Then in fall or if need be, just buzz out the 12 bolts..pull up the one-piece rail (couple people if need be) and drop in the wood sides? I see another advantage too..I can remove the rail and have a totally flat bed at 6.5ft wide (fender to fender) with no rail in the way incase I ever need to haul something like a shed or.. What you guys think is better? buying another trailer really isn't an option. Love this one..lots of good qualitys in it. and welding is no problem. Thanks- Geno
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