What is best Zero Turn mower


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What would be the best Zero Turn Mower for me to buy (under $10,000) to mow 14 acres (mostly smooth but some bumps) in central Florida (North of Disney).

It needs to be easy to ride (help with bad back), have a great cut, low maintenance and I assume have a width of at least 60".

I had a dealer recommend the new Gravely 400 (with air seat) and another person recommended the Ferris.

I want to make sure I get the best bang for my buck



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Best mower would be my great grandpa's 1940 tractor. 36 inch deck with a hefty 2HP. I can sell it for $10K. I need the money up front though.


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For ride I would at ferris or snapper pro. I believe they are basically the same mower. Not sure there quality of cut there in Florida. Other wise for $11000 or so you can get the scag cheetah
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