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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Staffordnurseries, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Staffordnurseries

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    I read alot of posts here about professional quality mowing. My part of the green industry is a christmas tree farm, but my main job is a manufacturing quality manager. We benchmark against world class quality.

    What is considered a professional mow? Mow pattern, lack of tire marks, trim edge,etc? What about the actual cut clean or ragged? What is considered an acceptable amount of clippings?

    What do you folks bench mark against?
  2. Think Green

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    Comparing apples to oranges here!!!
    You are probably bound to state regulations on quality and health of trees being grown, and shipped across into other states for resale. Different entity here!!!
    We are comparing grass of one type to another and what looks great in quality reflects the company doing the work.
  3. lawncuttinfoo

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    In this area you know it's one of the big "professional" companies by:
    1. ruts
    2. clumps
    3. beveled edges with tons of weeds (from using a trimmer instead of an edger, I suppose they do not know why the machine is called an EDGER:))
  4. Kiril

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    If you can't edge a lawn with a trimmer without beveling then you are in the wrong biz.
  5. WGLandscapeMaintenance

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    Can I ask what company that is? PM me if you want to keep it private.
  6. Think Green

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    I have a question from all the LCO's who respond about the edger issue!!!
    Maybe it is a grass type choice, but the only time that we even considered using an edger is when a customer hasn't done anything to their curbs and sidewalks for years.
    After the initial cut is made, then the line trimmer is the most efficient tool for use. I want to be educated on the continued use and argument over the edger...?? I can line edge a 100 foot driveway with angles in 1/3 of the time that an edger can do it.. All of our employees have mastered the line trimmer................you give them a normal edger and they can't use them......................so why use them???
    I agree that if a line trimmer can't be used to surfice a cut, then there isn't much experience behind the tool. Our edger's were purchased over 10 years ago. One still runs, and the other units are non-dedicated hand units. I haven't used either unit since we bought them... I cut Bermuda--Zoysia--Fescue--St. Augustine--Centipede with a line trimmer and never crack the edger out of the tool box.............no need!!!!!
    What am I missing out on by not using this dinasour of a tool?????
  7. Think Green

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    The inherint things that come into thought is sprinkler heads........low voltage lighting wires...........uneven concrete............asphalt.............cracked sidewalks.........gravel.
    Where does the edger come into play here without causing destruction that a line trimmer won't cause....?????
  8. Kiril

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    To reestablish an edge where the turf has grown over the hardscape. Much easier and cleaner doing it with an edger.
  9. THC

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    I think it's up to the customer.

    Some give me gushing compliments, others nitpick and bout crap.
  10. borwicks

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    we only use a edger once to make a nice squared off cut with drives, sidewalks and such. After that we use the trimmer every week. you rotate the trimmer 90 degrees and hold it so the head is parallel to the turf at the edge.
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