What is eXmarks attitude toward Warrantee if a Flex-Deck is mounted.

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Flex-Deck, Jan 7, 2003.

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    Gentlement - Attn. Dan Doran: Dan you said to me on the phone you would work with us on mounting flex-decks on the eXmark WB's. We at Flex-Deck will warrant the deck integrity after mounting. ie. should welds break or a deckshould desintigrate in an unusual way, we would replace the deck shell.

    We have people on this forum wanting to know if and how the warranty of the mower will be affected if the Flex-Deck is installed

    1. you allow power baggers and a lot of other accessories to be mounted and in fact sell them.

    2. our product really only requires power. In fact we reduce stress on the left spindle because of two belts running opposite directions.

    Thanks, Brad[​IMG]

    36x-flexed ditch-north knock.jpg
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    This is not the best way to contact Dan. He really doesn't read these posts regularly. Here is how you can contact him. dan.dorn@exmark.com or by phone.

    Thanks, Fred.
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    looks like this thing creates alot of dust! Even the dude operating the mower appears to have his eyes closed...that wouldn't be real safe now would it?
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    I am interested in how you answer this.

    I recently had an e-mail conversation with Scag via their web site.
    I mentioned that I wanted more power in a 48 " walkbehind.
    because I want to use a sulky, double blades, an extra large aluminum catch and maybe a "flex-deck".
    They right away suggested a 52" (not what I asked for) and stated that use of double blades or any atatchments like a flex-deck would "void the warrenty" and cause undue spindle and clutch ware.
    This after I just heard and read how "tuff" they are and how strong their spindles are.
    I think double blades are better balanced than singles (ever notice how long they spin after you disengage them)
    and don't several bagging systems run of a spindle?

    Anyway What is Exmarks take on these things? Remember, Dixie offers the flex-deck as a factory option. and gravely offers double blades. Are they tougher than you? I know about mulching kits. But with doubles I can switch to and from bagging instantly. Can't do that with a mulch kit or even just a plate.

    Don't want to start a fight, but It seams like Exmark (and others) are dragging their feet on these issues. Don't make us wait when somthing good comes out.

    thanks for listening

    PS I do see that hustler is goin to offer more power on there Walkbehinds.
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    Don't worry your not picking a fight. All of your questions are legitimate that we get from time to time.

    We only recommend the use of authorized attachments. This is not one of them.

    Will it void the warranty? No, it won't. However if an unauthorized attachment causes a failure that won't be covered. That is and should be the responsibility of either the owner or the attachment manufacturer.

    Heres a good example of a similiat situation. Many years ago aftermarket manufacturers began building riding attachments. Many of them had poorly designed mounting brackets that would in time fatigue, crack and finally tear a hole in the rear of the engine deck of any mower on the market at that time. Did it void the warranty? No, but the failure was not and should not have been covered by the mower manufacturer either. I don't recall if the manufacturers of these riding attachments repaired these engine decks under warranty or not. Fortunately for all the most of the current crop of after market riding attachments are much better designed than in years past.

    While double blades can cause an increase in stress to the PTO the real issue we have whith them relates to the ANSI specifications. These specifications are put in place to help protect you as a consumer. Authorizing a modification to our products that potentially cause the product to become less safe than the day it was manufactured is something we are unwilling to do at this time.

    I hope this helps. We WILL however review your suggestions as we do all suggestions to help us determine the direction we want or need to go with our future products.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

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    Ok my question:

    How can Exmark offer a warrenty when Flex Deck cuts off and remounts the left front caster wheel?

    And why is everyone worried about running doubles on an Exmark? I had a Dixie (yes noticed HAD), a 2002 XW 2600 model. The only way it could keep up is by running doubles. My Exmark does just perfect with singles.

    The deck design on these 2 machines are far different. The Dixie cant run singles well, at least where I am anyway. Their deck is not baffled properly so by running doubles it creates the air volume needed to lift, cut and disperse clippings.

    Exmark has the baffles placed right, so no need to run doubles. It has enough air volume to do everything it is designed to do.....cut grass and do it well.

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