What Is Fair Pay for Me/What should I demand

Discussion in 'Employment' started by DCK1981, Jul 19, 2014.

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    Please don't post things that you "think" might be correct, when they aren't. OT has always begun at 40 hours (with 1 exception that does not apply here) and it does not make a difference if you have 1 employee or 50,000 employees.

    Even for non-exempt salaried employees, OT begins at 40.

    The only time that OT can be calculated after 40+ is in police\fire\EMS.
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    -also i signed a non compete clause this past winter so i dont know how that effects this.

    Non Competes must be supported by consideration. If you signed one once you were already an employee, in order for it to be valid your job duties and or wages would have had to change substantially. I wouldn't worry about the non compete
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    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

    The big thing with Non Compete is not soliciting their customers. As a Businessman your should practices the same morals as you want others to practice. It is hard getting a New Business off the ground and stealing customers from your old boss is easy but also STEALING.

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    I just want to thank everyone for your responses to my question. Being a week or more out from the original post I made I realize it wasn't a good look on some of the things I said, I was angry when I initially had seen some stats online and posts I had read about pay and needed to vent.

    And for the guy who said if I "demanded" anything I'd be gone in his business I would reply, maybe "demand" wasn't the best choice of wording, but as I told my wife, few non owners in the lawn care profession probably hold the cards like I do in our company. Given the owner rarely works in the treating side and has taken over the 25 accounts we have in mowing after his other son got a construction job for the summer, and our fertilization/weed control dept has 2 full time workers and 1 part time(3 days a week) and I as 1 of the 2 full time do 390 of our 630 customers, I don't know how they would handle it if I said I'm out.

    Finally, I have decided that long term I'm going to leave. I just need to decide if I really want to do lawn care long term. As I got into this after I got a job the summer after graduating college as something to tie me over until I got a teaching job(my degree) and I liked it and saw an opportunity to buy the business. So I'm up in the air as to long term forecast but I've decided I cant stay here long term.

    thanks again to everyone
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    If I read that last post right you have a degree in education? Maybe I am not seeing something but around here ( in indiana like you) they are needing teachers bad... Money is better then most lawn care jobs ( maybe not at first but most pay plans are front loaded) summers not winters off ... Unless I am missing something I strongly encourage you to go that route.
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