What is fert and squirt?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Vikings, Feb 4, 2007.

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    I'm assuming its granular fertilizer and weedkiller in a pressure bottle? And I'm assuming the weedkiller is sprayed directly on the weeds selectively and not the entire lawn?

    I also want to say this, where I live you don't need to be certified. I checked this out, BUT you can get certified if you want for about a hundred bucks. So is it worth it? knowledge wise I mean? The only other plus of being certified around here is that you can buy in bulk and you can advertise "certified". I might get certified just for that alone.

    I got three months to learn.:rolleyes:
  2. Shades of Green LService

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    Fert and Squirt is Fertilizing and applying liquid herbicide, insectide and fungicide. Yes,most people on here practice IPM (integrated pest management) meaning using chemicals as a last option and practicing cultural measures first.eg. crowd out the turf make it healthy and dense so weeds do not have anywhere to root. eg. using insecticide when insects are present not before. eg for fungus, lower % of N or raising % of N if that is the cause of that particular disease. And treating only lawns that extremely prone to a certain disease with a preventative Fungicide.
    When you spray (squirt) you spray the weeds that are present at that time. However there are times when a lawn is overridden with weeds, then a "Blanket" application is applied(entire Lawn) to get the under control.

    As far getting certifide, I would definitely get certified and attend classes. Don't spray any pesticides with out knowing what you are doing. If you are not willing to learn i would Sub the work out. JMHO
  3. Vikings

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    Is there a way to blanket a lawn (if necessary) without a truck mounted machine?
    All I have is a couple pressure bottles. I used one for killing vegetation in cracks on side walks and driveways but I never got the guts to try and spray it along a fence to reduce trimming. In fact I don't think I would do that anyway.
    I actually have a few lawns that have areas that look about 50/50 grass and weeds. I'm looking into over seeding, I already power rake with a blue bird.

    I just want to fulfill some requests I had last year for fert and hedge trimming and bed weeding but I'm not going full out into pesticide business.

    I was thinking of spreading around some home depot products but not any serious insecticides.
  4. Shades of Green LService

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    If you only have a couple lawns i would do i of 2 things. 1. Get a back pack sprayer and a couple of 5 gal. cans to re-fill with water, 2. if they are a sizeable property then i would use a granular herbicide.(just make sure the lawn is wet so the herbicide sticks to the weed.)
    I f you do re concider getting in to the fert biz i would look into getting a 200 gal skid sprayer, or look into one of these.
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    Now why on earth would you want to get certified and actually take the time to learn how to do the job properly?

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