What is growing in my new bermuda

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by blake711, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. suzook

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    WOW, this would not be tolerated on Long Island. The sod farms out here are 99% weed free.
  2. JShe8918

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    I have a recommendation for you. You should most definitely using a quality fertilizer. Then take that stuff DOWN to the ground nearly. I see more brown stem than i do green leaf. Bermuda is strange and takes a little getting use to when mowing it. But it has a stem above the ground and then the green leaf. So get rid of alot of the stem and let the leaf grow. Basically what i did was set my mower two notches lower than what i wanted to normally mow at and scalped it so to speak. Then mowed it in a few days one position higher and then another few days at the height i wanted. Now it looks so much better. Just my thoughts. i know that is off topic but i am just trying to help you out. Also if you mow more frequently like ever 4 days or something you actually train the grass to not grow vertically as much as horizontally. This makes for a yard that is thicker and more lush.

  3. TPnTX

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    there are still plenty of warm days left around here. Tulsa isn't that much different. Why wouldn't you go ahead and hit it with msma now?
  4. ted putnam

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    It may yellow it...a little. Knock it back...a little. But what's the point. Unless we're expected to bump 90 again for an extended period, it's a waste of time and material because it won't kill it. Not to mention the fact that it's not a very environmentally sound practice. Most, not all people are understanding that weather, specifically temperatures have to be in the right range for the herbicide to work. I am further south than Tulsa and see no point in spraying it at this time. JMO
  5. greendoctor

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    Nor would this be tolerated in Hawaii. Sod is bought with the expectation that it is the stated cultivar and there is zero contamination by weeds or wild grasses. Which is not asking too much considering what a sq ft of bermuda goes for here. $2.25 or more.
  6. chaser2587

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    Hey that looks just like my yard! The sad part is I put out a pre emergent for crabgrass circa march, I guess it was too late because it's everywhere.
  7. JShe8918

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    March is about 8 weeks to late. LoL. Pre m should be sprayed in late january or very early February in alabama and georgia. Don't forget to winterize and spray pre emergence at the end of this month or else your gonna have alot of pesky winter weeds. Bermuda gets lots of weeds when maintained at higher levels because it isn't as dense as if it were reel mowed.
  8. chaser2587

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    Ooops! Yeah I had no idea march was too late. I'll definitely put down the winterizer and pre emergence if it ever quits raining here in GA. Thanks for your help!
  9. JShe8918

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    You have more headed your way. It just started back today at 5.30 pm. We have been dry since yesterday morning until now. UGH... I am tired of all the rain it is going on two weeks of rain. and still 60% most of the week. Good luck with your bermuda. Read read read... What kind of Pre M are you using?
  10. JShe8918

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    Sorry I meant the end of october not the end of september. I was thinking it was already October.

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