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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Aug 28, 2002.

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    ill tell u guys and girls, the worse part of this business is being treated like a pee on. we had a thunderstorm here a few weeks ago. customer called and requested "storm clean up" , as well as "some topsoil to fill the hole on the side of the house, and prune the dead limbs off my red maple" i did as he asked, and sent a bill. i charged $120 for 1.5 hrs labor and 2.5 yds disposal . the dump i go to charges $15 per yd for disposal. i charged $25 for a wheelbarrow of topsoil, and pruning 4 small limbs off the maple. customer calls up furious, says that all of these services should be included as part of the grasscutting fee. i told him to read his contract. we argue, he says he will not pay me that much money, he will however think about it and send me what he thinks is fair. someone tell me what is "fair" for 45 min labor at sight, plus 30 min labor to dump, plus the dump fee, plus the soil and pruning. this was done with 2 men. i cant stand dead beats. this guy thinks i am to clean his property for free.
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    Did you explain to him in detail everything that you did for him? I don't what your hourly labor rates are, but if it is what you normally charge, he should not be an exception. If the contract states that extra work is an additional cost, then what is he complaining about? I think if you go to him and explain the time and expense involved for you he might realize that what he is being charged is worth it.
  3. bobbygedd

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    sean, ill tell u that right now my heart is pounding like a drum, and i am furious. my contracts clearly state what is to be done under the agreement, and also states that anything extra will be charged extra. period. i started to tell him what it costs just to dump, but he kept cutting me off. he was not interested. he thinks i am his employee.
  4. Sean Adams

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    Send him a bill. Write a letter and explain so he can't cut you off. What is total bill?
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    carry him the bill for the dumping fee and ask him who should pay it. then carry him the payroll for your two employees and ask who should pay it for working for him. then ask who should pay for the dirt. If he still argues, DROP HIM. Dead beats will always be dead beats. You could always bring back the stuff you hauled off and put it back on his lawn.

  6. If he called and requested the work he should pay for it-I get a price approved before starting on things like this.

    Your price was way more than reasonable.

    I like the idea of bringing his stuff back from the dump-wouldnt do it ,but a fun thought.

    Bill him & push for payment-no more work until paid
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    slow u heart dn bobby its just money.
    not makin light of it ,but u have run into
    a certain type person. my wd forum is nut.i avoid them at all cost,as they cause trouble sooner or later. guess he mabe thinks u operate like triple AAA huh.
    these people can seem so normal and then boom they hit u with something stupid.
    once killed 300 ft of weeds on a bank in a ladies back yd. [ tried to talk her out of it as i knew it would cause the bank to wash an erode .] also vacuumed out her gutters that day.
    she just couldnt believe i was gonna charge her more than the 35 mowing fee.
    yea id mowed also. just a nut and i got all my money 150 and told not to call me again. just about lost it with that lady.
    i dont sweat an get gyped. not without a fight anyway.heck im already mad just thinking about it. and i told u to calm dn:)
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    I used to have several residential clients who literally gave me a blank check to fill in after I had completed my fall or spring clean-ups. These particular clients also paid up front for the entire years mowing maintenance.

    Mission Hills & Johnson County Kansas clients.... good stuff. :)
  9. m&m

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    37.00 for dumping, 25.00 for soil, two man crew which totals 45 minutes times two people...........ok that leaves you 58.00 to divide with you and your man...........what is this fella arguing about?

    tell him to pay the bill and be happy.

    i know what ya mean, i did some extra for a woman and then she said that i should not have biled her for that seeing as to how it was supposed to be included in price. i should notify her next time of any extra charges.......well that is what we agreed to when i first set the deal up with her.......anything other than the regular mow/go services was extra......bottom line..........i thiink me and her are straight now.....we will see when the leaves start filling her gutters up and all the other fall services that will be asked of.......
  10. Green Pastures

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    Uh, you ARE his employee, but I do think you have a right to be mad. But mainly at yourself. I think that this is as much your fault as his. Did you do the work without a contract? Did you REMIND the customer BEFORE you did the work that it would be extra?

    They treat us like we're dummies so I just do the same....ie. if one of my customers were to ask me to do the same type of work as your's did, I would ask them bluntly..."Are you aware that this is extra work and is NOT included in the contract?" "Are you aware that my labor rate is $X and that I will incur dump fees?"

    Come on dude, this is just as much if not more your fault. It is your responsibility to make sure you will get paid before doing any work. I do not ever, never, ever.....did I say never? I NEVER do anything without a signature.

    Good luck. I'd start kissing some customer butt and hope you don't get replaced.


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