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What is it?


LawnSite Gold Member
Im wondering, what is smith seed, well im guessing grass seed. But what makes it so special? why should I buy it? and where can I find it?

Smith Seed

Westerville, OH
Well, Smith Seed is actually a company (the full name is Smith Seed Services). We are one of the "primary" producers of grass seed, based in Oregon. As far as our products, you can visit www.smithseed.com to see a full listing. One product that we have been talking about on the forum is Titan Ltd. tall fescue. It is special because it is one of only a few tall fescues that has self-repairing rhizomes. Feel free to visit www.TitanLimited.com to learn more about it. There are some pretty impressive photos on the site, too.

I should note, we sell only through distributors. In the Detroit area, we sell through The Seed Depot at (248) 618-9168.