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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by emt landscaper, Jul 12, 2005.

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    what is my next step in starting my own landscape design and installation company . i am getting ready to finish u pa class in landcape design through pcdi . just wondering how do you get hands on work at an entry level when every job requires at least one to two years past work . i need some help i live in virginia i just want to do more than mow and snow removal . thanks for any ones help.
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    Working for a nursery to start might help,I worked for another landscaper for a year bfr I started out on my own.But most of my hands on learning came from starting in garden maint,then jumping in with both feet on jobs doing landscaping.I did not charge my customers for me taking alot longer because I lacked the proper tools and did not charge for me making mistakes and I always backed up my work and fixed anything I may have screwed up on I paid for it out of pocket.All I can tell you is that you gotta just go and start your own entry level.
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    Like sheshovel, I worked for a reputable landscape company until I felt like I had a pretty good feel for their methods and bidding processes. I then started out on my own, and did the word of mouth thing, and took out a few small ads in local papers. Put signs on your vehicles and in any yards you are working on. Good luck.

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