What is Organic Fertilizing to you?


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Would love some opinions on what people believe Organic Fertilizing is? I believe Organic is anything coming from the earth that not is man made? Alot of the minerals from the earth are great for growing plants also from the ocean. So would love some opinions on this topic?


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Urea is man made. "Organic" is a loosely used term, but is a heavily governed term. If you are asking for your own personal use than it is a matter of opinion. But for professional use OMRI is your best guideline.


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For safescapes or safeshoppes, I think you as a retailer or scaper supplied by a retailer, should have the "Sensible Reasons" for your choice of product.

What does it do?, Why is that necessary or good?, Why is it safe?, and What makes it an extension of the Natural World? ...

I already 'Market' fruits and vegetables with my own definition of safe and natural 'certification'.

"None genuine, without this signature " ... :)