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    The weathered brass finish is a hand applied chemical application that speeds up the weathering process. We used to do all that finishing here in house but then the EPA came-a-knockin. Apparently the regulations on using the chemicals you need to do this were tremendous. So we decided to just have the application done overseas along with the molds. That process is done in the same factory we have our molds and stamped copper products made.

    We do however have a solution based off of the same chemicals that allows us to weather brass just about anything. Its a mixture of a few different acids that will change just about any metal except for Stainless Steel to a rich brown "weathered brass/bronze" look. We use this for our one off custom brackets and for a few other things such as nuts and bolts.

    As far as how long the finish lasts. It lasts a long time! Now it is a hand applied finish so some will weaher slightly different then others, it really comes down to environment. But at some point it will too go green/patina and change just like a raw brass. Advantage is you dont have to start with a bright shiney brass fixture.

    Hope this helps.

    Joey D.
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    Thanks Joey.

    My experience with copper and brass is that they age differently in different environments. I've seen some copper with black spots after the first rain that later developed more pinks and yellows... and some that go more green... frequency of overhead irrigation as well as sun/ shade exposure and general humidity/ aridity seem to make a difference.

    So, your move towards a more uniform look is probably something that will be widely accepted.

    To tell you the truth, if I can judge by this Polaris in my hand, the finish looks shinier in your glossy brochures and website pictures than it does in person.

    In reality, it's kind of like an old penny.

    As far as longevity, what I was sort of getting at was how deep does this artificially aged finish go? Will it scratch off?

    And the warning against using acids to clean with... what do suggest then for hard water deposits on lenses?

    I usually use either a little white vinegar or CLR (for tougher deposits) on a rag and quickly flush with a squirt of water.
  3. JoeyD

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    You can feel free to use CLR on your lenses as this has not and should not effect your WB finish.

    Our finish pictures in the catalog are not always exact for obvious reasons. I once had a friend who selected a sherbert orange paint for his car off of a paint chip in a catalog. Once painted and in the light the car looked PINK. So you cant always go by what is in the catalog although our pictures are close they will never be exactly liek what it is in person. On top of that our finish will vary between lights due to the hand applied process. They will alwys be close but not always exact.

    The finish is bassicly on the surface. You could scratch that light and expose the raw brass for sure. But, and again I am not a metelurgist but I think you could even scratch a naturally aged/patina'd brass light and expose fresh raw brass.

    What do you think of that Polaris? For those of you not familiar with the polaris it is our brass MR11 light.

    Joey D.
  4. Lite4

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    Joey, what is the difference between the North Star and the Polaris other than the mounting bracket?
  5. Pro-Scapes

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    personally i think a raw brass fixture thats shiny and new looks like someone spray painted it in gold and chessy. Im about to install some and will be spraying them with saltwater/vinegar solution to darken them up prior to installations.
  6. Lite4

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    I think the finish on the Odyssey line is the best I have seen for out of the box new fixtures. I agree with you on the shiny brass Billy, it just doesn't blend in with the landscape. The weathered bronze just looks classy. All of the fixtures have very good 'heft' appeal when they are in your hand.
  7. irrig8r

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    I was wondering that too.... of course astronomically speaking, the North Star is Polaris... so I think it was a clever variation on the name if it's just the downlight version vs. the uplight version.
  8. JoeyD

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    The difference between the Northstar and the Polaris is just the mounting bracket. Polaris has a stake, Northstar has the Spherebase for downlighting applications. We are currently working on a sidemount version like the quasar 1 or Probe-OSM that will be similar to our downlights. It will be awesome.
  9. pete scalia

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    would like to start building a library of resources and an understanding of water feature construction. My only experience so far as been what Aquascapes has sent me through my affiliation with Landscape Ontario.

    Please tell me in your opinion, who the best manufacturers are and what specific components they build that are the best.

    I have been an outdoor lighting contractor for the past decade and serve a high end market here. I have a preference for only the best components available.

    Thanks for your help.
  10. Lite4

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    Pete, I have been building water features for the past 15 years in landscaping. I have built small ones; about 1.2-2 gallons per minute, to very large ones that are pumping around 15,000 gallons per minute. For the small back yard pond the Aquascape is the way to go. The Bio falls and Skimmer are second to none. However I custom build a lot of my own stuff on large projects or on vanishing stream type of features. If you want the skinny on any particular type of waterfeature and how to build it PM me and I can send you CAD drawings and specs and help you out if you are planning on building some.

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