What is the Aera-Vator???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KirbysLawn, Sep 4, 2000.

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    Several folks have asked and I missed a post (Sorry Greenflag) asking for more info. I figured it would be best to just start a new thread and show what it is.

    The Aera-Vator is a 40", 60", or 80" aeration device that attaches to the PTO of a 3 cylinder tractor or they have a model that attaches to the Grass Hopper mowers, and a Dingo model. The Aera-Vator has solid tines that are attached at an angle, they are "vibrated" into the soil causing even the hardest grounds to break open.

    The process I use involves applying half of the desired seed prior to running the Aera-Vator, then after apply the other half of the seed, the fertilizers, and lime if needed. The results are great, no patterns like you get with aeration.

    The Aera-Vator is best on thin lawns or renovations but can be used for any lawn in place of aeration. One big bonus, when it is dry and other companies are unable to aerate due to hard ground, we continue on business as usual. :D


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    richard, whats with all the refrences to home depot?
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    He must have stock in the company!

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