What is the Average Acre Price?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by REVOLUTION LAWN CO., Mar 9, 2005.


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    I will be bidding on a couple of large projects and was wondering what the going rate per acre is (flat with some trimming)? I have a pretty good clue just wanted to compare with others. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    An "average' acre price can depend on several factors the same as smaller jobs:
    Has the property been maintained? Obstacles? Ridiculous topography & or rock terrain? Of course this is all of the stuff we take into account by second nature and experience so I'll just say this... in Texas (where I am from) I had a few acre accounts - flat 8-12 inches high and I was doing them for $60.00 which I thouhgt was an amzing deal (no edging,trimming blowing out in the field) then a guy came along with a Zetor and was blanketing the area advertising $40.00 an acre. His equipment obviously designed for larger accounts and much quicker I couldn't compete. I did have a few hold out customers however due to the more manicured look that my smaller mowers afforded. Now that i have re-located to NC, i am not sure the regional average. - Tobias aka "Morning Thunder Lawn"
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    start a thread for Kansas City people and ask the same question.

    Canvas some people in the yellow pages to see.

    use the search button?

    My price and your costs have nothing to do with one another so we may be quite varied on price. Same thing with our quality.
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    I try to bid them so that I can gross $60 per hour solo. This is usually about $50 per acre. I have several one acre lots with swimming pools to trim around and I charge them $75 per mowwing. Its all about how much time it takes to do a quality job.

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    Thanks for all your help, and advice. I believe I am in the correct range at the moment. I have figured around $58.00 a acre for flat mowing and no trimming. For anyone that is wondering it is 150 acres with alot of trimming involved and the former mower was charging $30.00 a acre? I just cant see how that is possible considering the amount of employees,gas prices, and extra insurance that are involved in such a large project. Im not sure if your familiar with this type of contract that has a minimum number of mowings: 5 and a maximum at: 10. When we calculated his bid it came out to 150 acres for $4,500 per time with alot of mowing including road side, trimming and edging. I dont understand but im pretty sure the company is out of business or will no longer be mowing after such a loss.

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    Mowing 150 acres is not the same as mowing 1 acre lots.

    do you have the right kind of equipment for that. ZTR is not the ideal machine. A 9-15' batwing or something along those lines would do it quick and easy. Downside is price. Very expensive certainly not worth it for 1 acct.

    but if you already had the equipment, you could probably do $30 per acre and make lots of money.

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    I agree that a batwing mower would be the ideal thing to have. However, there is absolutely no room for one too many trees and other obstacles running ZTR's would save much more time than a large batwing mower where it is not supposed to go thus slowly you down considerably. I still cannot picture $30.00 an acre using ZTR's and maybe a batwing once or twice. Your also forgetting about the trimming and edging involved throughout the grounds. Thanks for your input and advice.

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    Out of curiosity...where is this in KC?

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    outside of KC,MO towards Kansas.

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