What is the basic cost to built a backyard system?


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What is the basic cost to built a backyard system?

Say you need the transformer, lines, light fixtures. What else is needed? What is the average cost of specific 300watt output transformers for low voltage lighting? Im assuming all Frog Lights is low voltage to install line underground? Do the solar panel transformers actually plug in or can they run at night time for a few hours just on solar power stored from the day time if you use LED 5watt lights? thanks

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Please give us a call and we will be pleased to give you some more information. 1-800-930-1670 ask for Paul
I'd kind of like to see your response to his questions in public, if you don't mind? Especially the questions on solar lighting. Your lights run off of solar power? Wow! Junk.

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I had advised to contact a professional. Further,since he is a landscaper he could also seek advise for wholesale pricing from John Deere or other suppliers. I never recommend solar lights as they are junk.
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