What is the best 12v portable air compressor?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Jay Ray, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Jay Ray

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    Been plugging a lot of tires since Katrina. Usually I notice one tire looking a little low and it is usually an embedded nail causing a slow leak. I carry a 6 gal. air tank and a rinky dink 12v. compressor, and can usually make it to the end of the day back to the air compressor at the shop.

    I know a patch is much better and safer, but you can't spend your life at a tire shop, so most everybody here has been plugging them and planning to buy new tires when things settle down.

    So if price is no object, what is the best 12v. air compressor to carry on the truck?
  2. prizeprop

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    I have one that I bought at walmart, dont know the brand but it plugs into the cigarette lighter and does a nice job filling low tires on the route.It even works well on tires that are off the bead, such as push blower tires and front mower tires.Just rap the proper size bungy cord around the center of the tire first. Fits behind the truck seat. Also carry a plug kit.

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    The best 12 air compresser is a snap on,this 1 also takes the rechargable batteries,i know this 1 is high but i swear by it it will air a tire up in no time.
  4. mike lane lawn care

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    CH makes a rechargebale air compressor sold at walmart, and home depot, but something that i tried that was a good temp. solution is slime tire sealent, works well and lasts a while too. www.slime.com
  5. captken

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    Say what?
    We use slime in tires.
    We plug tires when we need too.
    We do NOT plan to buy new tires, when they still have usable tread.

    I do not replace lawn mower tires due to plugs....these tires run at low psi. and they operate at a snails pace....
    Plug and go....I use a cheapo 12V power point plug in from Wally World, cost under 20 bucks, does the job...and use that in the field. The compressor is at base, and I really don't need it.

    Now, as for my F-350 or my tandem axle trailer, that is a different matter....
  6. Squizzy246B

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  7. captken

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    However, mate, we are not talking about airing up our "UTE" TYRES here...just our tiny, little lawn mower [tires]. For me, I want to do it On the cheap.

    If that is the size compressor you wanted....Youd be better off with a gasoline powered belt driven unit that mounts to the truck bed.
  8. befnme

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    there is another compact soultion .you will have to fab a few brackets for it but here goes .

    1) get an old a/c compressor
    2) fab brackets to mount it on your engine
    3) then use a toggle switch to turn the compressor on and off
    4) to the low pressure side of the comp. run an inlet line with a filter
    5) on the high pressure side run a line to a mounted tank in the back of your truck .
    6) remember to add a pop off valve to the tank so it dosent explode from too much psi .
    7) then when you need air just flip the toggle and the new a/c compressor will engage and begin pumping air into your tank .
    8) you maybe able to get a 12 v psi controller that will automatically turn the compressor off and on .
  9. Jay Ray

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    Thanks all for the help. You guys in Australia really need the best there is. Using an old AC compressor is really ingenious -- will have to see if I can find space for one -- it is bound to be fast.

    Five or six plugs in a truck tire worries me, so going to buy new tires when the nail punctures stop. The weatherman cheered me up today, said hurricane season is almost here again.
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