What is the best all around set up for mowing?????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by THORNTON SERVICES LLC, Jan 31, 2013.

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    yea i was looking at the photos , i currently use a 14ft box trailer and there is places that i cannot get to with it , what size trailer do you have? I usually go back with a 10 open trailer and there is spots that i can barely turn that around dead end roads etc , but at least with the open trailer i can see where i am backing in to. I hate ramping things into the truck , i don't know why just never could hardly do it , i hate to even put the push mowers in the truck , guess i like it being lower to the ground , my trucks are kinda high 2500 and 3500. Yea the time and fuel is a pain , plus i like to get use to a certain thing and stick with it , i need to figure something out or get rid of the small accounts.
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    I have a 14ft as well. I find that I can turn around in dead ends no problem, especially because I live on one. My 2500 crew cab 6ft bed with dump insert is a little hard to get things in off of the ground, but when going off the trailer it is real easy to do.
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    Last year i ran a 22 toro 48in turf tracer and 61in tiger cat on a 12ft trailer this year im running the same setup with a new lazer out of an 18ft enclosed. Will have 3 FS110R's and a 110Kombi 3 BR600 blowers and a BG55
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    Monday - 36", 52", 60" all walkbehinds (small, mid-range residentials)
    Tuesday - 3 60" walkbehinds (large, very nice residentials)
    Wednesday - 21" Toro 2 stroke, 36", 2 60" walkbehinds (Large residentials with some small areas mixed in)
    Thursday - 52", 2 60" walkbehinds (mostly town homes with tight, ditchy and delicate areas)
    Friday - 36", 2 60" walkbehinds (a mix of residentials)
    Saturday/Sunday - 60" Lazer and 2 60" walkbehinds (large commercials, wide open fields for Lazer.... around buildings and uneven terrain and curb hopping for Turf Tracers.)

    Walkbehinds with a velke for 97%.
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    I've phased out 48" mowers a long time ago. Almost have my 52" mowers phased out. I can pretty much mow anything on my list with a 60" Turf Tracer, except a few gates. The only real reason I keep 52" mowers is because in some delicate spots, it is easier for my guys to not tear stuff up with them. Plus, I find that a 52" HP (s-series) throws thick/wet spring grass a little better than a full size 60" Turf Tracer. However cut quality is not as good with the 52" vs. 60" (especially thinner summer grass). Maybe it is because of the shorter blades, or maybe its because the deck isn't as good on the HP version.

    If I could only go at it with two mowers, it would be a 36" of whatever make and a 60" Turf Tracer.
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    yea i thought about downsizing my set up but some of my larger properties have fenced in back yards the i can get a 52 in with the chute up but there is no way to get a 60 and the fenced in areas are quite large so i deffinatly need to keep a 52 in my line up for those lawns that is the most efficient size , now out side the back gated area i just use the 60. Thanks for the info though it gives me some ideas.
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    that sounds cool , let me know how this change works out for you , i love my box trailer but it has made things more difficult to get in and out of because you cannot hardly see when backing up. Alot of advantages to it as well though. Thanks
  8. PineyPower

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    My current set up is a 48" Deere Quick Trac, and a snapper 21" along with two echo trimmers and a back pack. I have the big wheeled edger on the first week of the month and I always have my hedge trimmer on me since I will never remember it other wise. I do entirely small to medium residential. The only upgrade I see in the future is a 36"___. I say black because I'm up in the air of a walkbehind vs a stander. All this for a one man show. And for the record I run two trimmers because I have had one break down half way through the day and was stuck finishing my route the next day. But hey, that's just me.
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    With the two crews we have, the 48 exmark turf tracer is the main production mower that never gets taken off the truck. Depending on the day, they will either add a 60 or 52 lazer or the 36. Each truck has 3 blowers, 2 weedeaters, an edger, and pole shears. The 48 is a perfect size for our day to day operations.
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    The ideal setup depends on what your servicing. A couple walkbehinds and 21s might be the most productive for someone mowing in a city while someone in a more rural area would benefit from 3 72" ZTRs.

    For what I do, which is small-medium residential and some small-medium commercial, I would like to have the following setup someday:

    - 2500 or 3500 truck with a dump insert
    -16' open trailer
    -2 48" Wright Standers
    - 1 36" Wright Stander
    - 1 Toro 21"
    - 2 trimmers
    - 1 stick edger
    - 2 BP blowers
    - 2 hand blowers

    I'm pretty close to that setup right now....it'll get there eventually.

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