What is the best all around set up for mowing?????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by THORNTON SERVICES LLC, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. HRidgeLandscapes

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    The only stander i have ever ran was the scag vride. My buddy runs a wright stander and he likes it but he is only mowing about 10-15 yards and they are smaller resi's that are mostly flat.
  2. HRidgeLandscapes

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    I can see it now if we unhooked the safety switches and something happened and the mower hit a car or ended up sliding down a bank into a house or condo.
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    Lots of questions to answer on this one. I will do my best and sorry for hijacking this thread. Never tried a a stander with the foldable platform. I've heard on here that you will never use it but that's just hear say. I have a vride and a rh wright. Both are good but I like the vride better. In all fairness the rh wright is not a apples to apples comparison to the v ride. The zk wright are comparable to the v rides and might be better on hills. Never tried one. It takes a couple of weeks to get good with a stander that's why people that demo them for a day or two don't like them most of the time. The first couple of times I used mine on hills I thought I just wasted 6k. I didn't start loving the vride till I took the front weight off. Unlike you I have zero time with a hydro walk behind. I probably won't ever just because what happens when you are mowing a steep bank that is barly walkable and you slip and fall? Does the mower go down the hill in to cars houses fences?? I know on my belt wb I have zero control when the mower is uphill and the controls are over my head. If that makes sence.
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    the hydro walk behinds are fantastic in my opinion , they will mow anything that you can walk on as long as it is not real rough , very little slidding , and i use the controls that are like a zero turn mower so if you let go the mower will die out and roll very slow due to hydro system to the bottom of the hill , but its nothing like the gear units we have had a couple because i picked them up cheap and they were awful , the only downside to the walk behind is well the walking part , they pull sulkys very well but hills are challenging with the sulky's and long hours on a sulky can get old, plus you can not go in reverse with the sulkys to well and for some reason raising and lowering that sulky is very anoying to switch from walk to ride , thats why i am looking at the standers very seriously , but if they cannot do the job of the walk behinds im not for shure if it would be worth it to have one , but anyhow thanks for your info.
  5. jrs.landscaping

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    Setup 1

    20' DO
    2 997's
    1-2 Walkers

    Setup 2
    16' utility
    2-3 Walkers

    Setup 3
    2 trimmers

    Depends on the day and properties on the route
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    You won't be Disappointed about a stander after a couple weeks. Just get your dealer to let you try it for a week or two. Your list of problems with a hydro wb was enough for me not to want one. I can mow stuff with mine I won't want to try walking on.
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  7. Rvldesign

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    I have a 36" vride and will be purchasing a 52" this month and I love mine. It handled hills just fine and according the the home owner were 18%. More then I wanted to push now that's for sure but was able to ride my vride but fine. With rising cost of hydro wb for a couple more dollars your back to riding again. Also idk why any one would want to walk behind a stand on. I've tried it and found riding to be much easier.
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  8. PineyPower

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    Ok. here's my two cents about standers vs. walkbehinds. I have used both, s belt drive walkbehind and a John Deere stander. Both have there place. The Deere on hills is unbeatable. I have mower over grown grass going at a good clip and it never even bogged down. The trick is going horizontal on the hill or at and angle if your machine doesn't want to do the hill. I also love the fact that if I want to get off, all I have to do is set the break and turn off the blades. Also, I think you have much better visibility with a stander since you are a little higher up vs. a walkbehind, your behind the machine. Now, yes, I am looking into a 36" walkbehind. I am because of a: they are a little cheaper, b: save room and weight on the truck and trailer, and c: you can maneuver them a little bit better than a stander. I have one job where I have to use my push mower since i have two long, awkward steps I have to over come. With a walkbehind, I'd be able to have the control to go over these steps and cut my time in half. But as for running a walkbehind as a main mower, I can see that being a real pain. I have never used anything bigger than a 48" but for the price, why walk when you can stand. But that's just me.
  9. HRidgeLandscapes

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    piney We stand behind our walk behinds all day..
  10. PineyPower

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    Yeah. I thought about that about 2 seconds after I posted that. Sorry, I did miss speak. But I'd rather stand on a stander than a walkbehind.
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