what is the best batwing mower of wide area mower

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    what is the best batwing mower of wide area mower
    on the market we are mowing lots of flat ground and some sloped ground like back slopes of lake dams. Has any one used a Howard Price HP180 mower or heard good or bad things about them. It seemed to be the most hp per foot of cutting area. the hp 180 is 16.5 feet and 110 hp. thanks
  2. I owned (and operated) a HP180 for several years. Then moved up to a Toro 580-D
    It mows slopes the Howard could have never mowed. The Toro has a hydraulic system that if you're loosing traction on one drive wheel it'll automatically add weight to that side. They even offer the 580 in 4 wheel drive, though that'll cut down on manuverability. I just put knobby tires on mine.
    The biggest downside to the Toro is that it's a fine cut mower. Customers think it'll do bush hog work and they get disappointed.
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