What is the best business software out there?


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My Friend and I started a lawn care company about two years ago and we have been using excel spreadsheets to keep track of our accounts. After a few years they are getting quite confusing and we are in need of a software upgrade. Any suggestions?


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Hi, I am in the same boat. I have looked at Lawn Pro quite a bit. Haven't tried it yet. I have had Quickbooks suggested as well. On another note, I am looking at buying a Wright Stander. Do you really like?

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We use Gopher pro for invoices because it has the payment stub option at the bottom of the page so when customers send their checks in it helps us keep track of who paid and when. We were using quickbooks but without the stubs it was a little slower and less convenient for entering in payments.


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Thanks for the referral, Z.

I own Lawn Business Software and we just launched in our public beta earlier this month. We know no single piece of software is going to be perfect for every LCO, so we're really trying to focus on the emerging companies that just want an easy way to schedule and bill, and want to be able to use a smart phone instead of notebooks/printed route sheets while in the field (although you can print route sheets from our system). I appreciate you guys checking us out, and we really appreciate any feedback. The number in my sig goes straight to my cell phone most of the time.

Best of luck this season!

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